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I got a letter and photos from Kinga and Joe from Blue Loom and I turned green with envy (although I checked my thumb, and it’s still black…no luck with plants darn it!). They put a beautiful serene pond in their backyard.  Not only is it gorgeous, they make it look so easy. 
I want this in my backyard.
(Excuse me a moment.  Attention:  HGTV’s Landscapers’ Challenge, if you’re reading, “HELP ROESHEL”!)

Here is their letter:

“- our biggest landscaping project completed in 2007. It was our design and we did it ourselves with a big help from Joe’s dad who came to visit that summer from Europe. We used all natural stones and river rocks. We love to sit outside and enjoy the sound of water. It’s like having a little cottage in our own backyard. Our pond attracts many birds. They love to have a bath on top of the waterfall.
Here are their pictures:
  A hole for the pond…
 The liner…
Fill ‘er up and landscape with pretty plants and rocks.
All done

Their own personal park!  The birds seem to enjoy it!  Peaceful oasis.  The waterfall is so cool!  And that water sprout…fun!

 Even a Prince Charming…
Bird bath!  ” Hey Dilly, Is my backside clean yet?”

I‘d love to hang out back there all.the.time!  Know what I’d be dreaming about?

Beautiful job Kinga & Joe!  Hold on tight to summer (it’s not over yet) and enjoy that pond!  Thank so much for sharing your hard work!

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