Easy DIY Project – Pretty Dollar Store Wall Art

I love low cost DIY decor.  This project from Carol at Frugal Life Project (which is about saving money and having fun – lots of great tips!) created a really pretty wall collage.  Here is her post:

Cool Dollar Store Wall Art!

I love all the wall tiles you find these days. They inspired me to make some of my own and it was super duper simple and inexpensive! This is the finished project. Let me show you how I did it!

I found these canvases at Dollar Tree. They aren’t really my style – but for a dollar each, I knew they soon would be! If you can’t find these exact canvases, look for small wood plaques – those would work for this project as well. They will probably have some less than attractive paintings on them, but just ignore that and envision what they will look like after using your creative touch!

I spray pained the edges brown.  Black would work well also.  

Then, I cut pieces of scrapbook paper the same size as the canvas. Using regular glue (because that’s what I had), I glued the paper to the canvas and smoothed out the top using a credit card.

I sanded the edges to create a smoother surface and then finished each canvas off with a spray coat of crystal clear enamel.

I used these Command Damage-Free Hangers – which I love! I didn’t feel like putting a ton of holes in the wall. Plus, these make it VERY easy to reposition – or change the artwork in a few months.

Ta Da!  What do you think?
I think it’s super cute, Carol!  Your tutorial makes it look so easy.  A great inexpensive and pretty wall decor! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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