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I have so many DIY projects planned and can’t wait to actually get busy and share.  For this week, I have a little one. My daughter, Bri, and I gave some old lamp shades a new look. I loved the burlap texture before  (and seriously considered buying her new ones so I could snag these but I didn’t get around to it in time. Darn!) Her style is different so here is what we did.

$1 yard sale lamp shades before:

We ripped off the old trim and laid it out on the new fabric.  Using a light marker, we rolled the lamp shade on the fabric, tracing the bottom then top shape.  These lamp shades had a slight taper, so this is the best way to ensure the new fabric covering is the right shape/size.
Niski was partricularly interested in this step.  “Are you making me a dress?”
She says she’s a DIY doxie and should be included in this post because the D in DIY is for distraction according to doxies.
Back to the lamps (sorry Niski)…
Cut out the shape BUT cut about 2 inches from the line drawn to create the fabric so that you have an allowance to fold over the top and bottom of the lamp shade. Our fabric was folded so 1 pattern = 2 new fabric cutouts for the 2 lamp shades.

This is how it looks (pardon the chandelier checking her reflection in the glass top table).

Iron a hem on one of the side seams.

Sew the hem.

Next, we used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the lamp shade.

Now, we do not recommend that you get distracted by the ‘fun’ part of making the lamp shade pretty and by one of these (pictured below) and abandon the camera.

But here are the next steps:

Wrap the lampshade in the new fabric, using the hemmed side to cover the unhemmed side.
Clip the overhang on the tops and bottoms so that they can be folded on the inside and lie flat. Use hot glue to secure.
Using hot glue, decorate with ribbon and/or fringe.

Lamps were $5/pair at used furniture store!  Great thrifty find!

All done:

(More to come soon on where these are going!)

And some amazing highlights from last week’s DIY Project Parade!  Click the links for more details.
So pretty –
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There are more highlights I want to share with you – I’ll do it sometime this week!
So...What have you been up to?  Feel free to link up!

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