Closet Makeovers

Closet makeover – I have a few that could use some help!  I shared one with you the other day and here are two more.  Rebecca installed textured wallpaper and built/painted shelves in each closet.  Look at the difference!  Awesome!
Here are her pictures:  
Storage Closet Before
I have to admit, I have one that looks almost identical.
Cleaning out
New shelves

Storage Closet After

Craft Closet Before
Craft Closet After!  Wow!

Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca!  You did a fantastic job creating useful organized spaces! And I love the craft closet with the chair, curtains, workspace with everything in it’s place and within easy reach.  What a great place to get creative!  
I attempted to clean out one of ours the other day, but I only got as far as the room and then started rearranging furniture and vignettes.  I get a little side tracked when it comes to opening that closet door!  Does that happen to anyone else?

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