Closet Makeover #1

Sometimes I wonder if you guys can read my mind!  I have a closet makeover on my list to do in the next month!  And I’ve just received 2 closet re-do submissions to show off!  Coincidence?  Nah.  Great minds think alike!

Here is a beautiful (drool!) closet makeover from Ronda at Batchelor Way:

Closet Reveal

We are finally done with our master CLOSET!! And I’m in LOOOOVE!!!  Here is the after of my side.
And the Before
The before of the middle
And the after.  (This is looking straight into the closet through the master bath.)
Before of Les’ side,
After of Les’ side
I found these jewelry boxes at Downeast Outlet store for $5 each.  I think they look great in my jewelry drawer.  Go here to see how we did the drawers.

I found a cute little oval frame I wanted to make signs out of, but could only find one.  But super neighbor to the rescue.  Shelley found two slightly larger oval frames for me.  ( They only cost 10 cents each.) 
I spray painted them, of coarse.  Then I replace the pictures with some scrapbook paper I had  and finished them off with some vinyl.  I got the vinyl from my great neighbor Shelly.  (You can get the same thing for $2 each!)  I love these signs.  They are the perfect detail.  Go ahead and take them in!!!!!
I also love my new shoe cubbie.  We have so much more storage now.  And it’s custom to “our” storage needs.  Plus I love it when my supper functional storage it so dang pretty.
I’m pleased with my stenciled wall.  My last post tells how to make your own stencil like I did.  I got the great quadrafoil basket below on clearance for $7 at Home Goods.  And the wood to build the boxes below that for free.
These shots are a little different angle, but I wanted to show the whole stenciled wall.  Call us crazy, but we took the door off.  We never really shut it, and it allowed us to use the wall space on both sides of the door.
So that is my new closet!  Do ya think it’s over the top for a closet?  Maybe, but I love it.  And I get to go in there every day.  In fact I keep sneaking in just to stare at it!!!! Silly me.

WOW!  First, I’d stare at it all.the.time. too!  So organized. Everything within easy reach.  Great job Ronda!  Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous closet!  I love the stenciled wall, the His&Hers plaques and coat hooks.  So pretty!  Love the drawers too – everything having a place has to make life so much simpler!

I‘ll share another amazing closet makeover tomorrow!

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