Master Bedroom Makeover

I love room makeovers!  I love seeing a boring space become something beautiful and this makeover is special.  Carla from  A Wannabe Mermaid’s Diary of Living Out Loud decorated her sister’s master bedroom.  Here is her post:

Because I love her….

For my sister’s birthday in March I planned to redo her whole Master Bedroom. Although she had painted 2 walls a chocolate brown she had hit the decorating wall. My mission was to completely redo her room for as cheep cheep as possible.

I do really love you Jules & Steve.

My nieces and my Mom really worked like dogs to complete the whole makeover in 4 hours and 20 minutes FLAT!

Ahhhhh that colour is like tonic…that caramel and chocolate, the room is starting to look like a Caramilk bar.

BEFORE – used donated IKEA special….yukky pine.

….much better hey?

Now the room is starting to take shape!

A corner to curl up in.

It all makes sense.

The whole room in fact came in at just over $40.00 to redo. I gathered decor and pictures from her girlfriends, my closets and those that wished to donate towards the room, my Mom remade over a bed-in-a-bag set she already had. I haunted second hand stores for about a month and got a lamp, shoe organizer, decor items and craft papers at a steal. The only things actually bought for the room were new curtains and some paint. I remade the dresser over from a donation from our I.T. guy at work.

I have to say this was one of my favourite projects to date not only because it turned out so gorgeous but because it truly showed my sister and my BIL how much I love them.

Tears were present at the reveal which only cemented the notion that I already knew…. she loved it!

What a big beautiful difference!  I love the chocolate wall and the romantic lighting!

Great job Carla!  Thanks so much for sharing!

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