Niski Update

I can’t bring myself to blog about DIY today.  I hope you can understand.  Thank you so much for all of your thoughts, prayers, advice and love and support!  It means the world to me and is so reassuring!  
Niski’s condition declined overnight.  As hard as it is, I kept her confined to a small area with just her bed and her newspaper.  She is paper trained.  This morning I peeked in on her and she had made her way to the paper but something didn’t look quite right.  Her back legs are paralyzed.  So I used a scarf as a sling to lift her back end, but she is used to potty “privacy” and of course she was just excited to see me so she wouldn’t go.  I put her back in her bed and went to make a cup of tea.  I came back to a mess. Poor thing. I just got her cleaned up.  I had hoped the meds would have made her improve but maybe it takes a day or two. ?  
This is her this morning.  She seems like herself.  It’s heartbreaking. She’s panting because she was excited – thinking I was going to pick her up and let her out.  🙁
I will be calling the vet here shortly when they open.  I appreciate your continued prayers and hope to have good news to report soon.  
I know you understand that blogging about DIY is the last thing on my mind  right now and hope you don’t mind me talking about my Niski.  If you’d like to be a guest blogger and show off your house tour, etc. just send me an email including the “html code” from your post and I will share it.  I am on the computer.  I work from home and I’m researching every possible option.  Thanks again for your compassion, understanding, reassuring words, thoughts and prayers!  Your comments bring me so much comfort. 

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