An Extreme Master Bedroom Makeover

I really, really want a white bedroom but until that happens, let’s all enjoy the big romantic transformation from Courtney at Nesting Instincts.  Here is her post:

my {extreme} master bedroom makeover

So, the problem with posting about my master bedroom makeover is that I have to post “before” photos for you to truly appreciate the transformation. Darn those Before photos! This is the part where I wish the client had been someone besides…well, myself. Cause who wants to own up to having a bedroom that looked like this (below)?

Or this? Yes, those are flannel sheets covered with snowmen. What of it?

Before. I think someone broke in and beat my room with an ugly stick while I was sleeping.
After. Ahhh…Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief, shall we?

This was the other end of the room, before. (do I have to say before? you know that, right?)
And now…do you hear the angels singing? I sure do!

This room went from being the embarrassment…the bane of my existence…the dirty little secret that none of my guests ever got to see (even my good friends!) to now…my FAVORITE room of the house! I keep inventing reasons to head up to my room, just to look around and soak it all in. It is truly a retreat for me now.

my former artwork now looks especially chic over my newly transformed bed. Yep, it’s the same bed! But it’s had a makeover of its own. I’ll talk about that more in a later post.

This is the same orangey dresser as in the before pics! Also had a little makeover. In fact, anything that wasn’t nailed down either got sold or had a makeover. (My husband had better watch out – he could be next.) 😉

I guess this dresser is the same as before. Okay, ONE piece of furniture did not get a makeover. That’s it.

Ikea chandelier. Ikea wardrobe. How could one store with such a little name, make such a big difference?

This whole makeover was really kind of an accident! I had planned to re-paint the walls, that’s it. After SEVEN paint samples I finally came to the realization that the room was evil and could turn any color into pink. My girlfriend Christa was my painting partner, and we had almost finished painting the room a light grey, but it didn’t look right either. Partly as a joke I said, “Maybe I should just paint it all white.” See, I’ve always been drawn to white interiors in magazines and blogs, but just haven’t been brave enough to try it myself. So back to Home Depot we went – they knew us well by then – and bought a gallon of white paint. My first time ever, people. And from there…well, I could write a book about the things we learned painting this room. But that is a story for another post, another time.

Next thing you know, I’m cutting, sanding, painting, and distressing my bed all up. Next was my husband’s dresser. Over the following week, we bought a new mattress (that’s when the angels really started singing!), assembled a new wardrobe (I owe you bigtime, Christa!), bought and installed a chandelier. Oh, and entertained our families on Easter Sunday and baked and consumed the best coconut cake ever. (But that is, again, another post for another day!)

SO I really should have entitled this post “The Accidental Makeover on a Budget”. Because I just thought I was going to re-paint a few walls. I didn’t realize my life would feel transformed, because now I have a beautiful space to call my own. Happy sighs.

Wow!  What a beautiful transformation, Courtney.  It’s gorgeous, romantic, pretty, soothing, a dream escape. Love the bed and dresser and the artwork from Jen!   Thank you so much for sharing!  See MORE details about the beautiful bed and dresser makeover at Nesting Instincts HERE.  
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