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Ah!  Becky at Tea Party blog has a kitchen before and after that’s a breath of fresh air!  Here is her post:

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

So I’ve promised pictures of our kitchen remodel and was finally able to get some pics…lets look at the before shall we? Don’t be scared…we seen the potential…well, i think 🙂

Remember the marble tile we scored at a garage sale for $250? Thanks to my boss who owned a masonry company, he helped us cut and lay the tile…which I am forever grateful to. This was no small project since the dimensions of the countertop were all differnent and then at the end, leave it to me to decide to cut them all into subway tiles for the backsplash…oh yes, I did…and sometimes I’m still surprised my husband is still married to me after that one. So…a basic breakdown: We took the upper dividing cabinets out and took down the small wall to open up the space. Primed and painted the cabinets a soft white, the tile is an unmilled grey marble so its veining and pattern is all different, I love it, painted the hinges, changed out the hardware, changed out the top molding to a 4″ crown thanks to my dad, Mr. Marvelous for that one, replaced the glass front cabinets above the stove, new faucets and added chandeliers that I’m so excited to tell you about, they were from a restored building out of Idaho Springs from the early 1900’s and they were FREE…yes nada, zip did I pay for them. To sum it up…we did this remodel for about $700…yes you read right…$700… because we did so much sweat work into it and salvaged what we could. We’re not planning on staying in this house for too many years, so this was great for now. I’ll do a more detailed breakdown later on. Hope you like it!

Unbelievable!  $700 for the entire makeover?!  Marble tile at a garage sale?! I’m drooling!  It’s gorgeous!  Beautiful free vintage chandeliers?  Friends and family with DIY skills?  What a lucky girl!  Becky, your kitchen is beautiful.  I love that it’s all DIY but looks designer.  You guys did a fantastic job.  Your kitchen is one of my absolute favorites.  It inspires me and gives me hope.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen story!
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