Make Room in the Bathroom!

Check out what Brittany from Superwoman did to take advantage of unused space in her bathroom. Genius and I’m so impressed! Here is her post:

Bathroom Closet- Demo Project

With all the remodeling projects I have undertaken, I have never done a demo job. Not once.
It was bothering me when I assessed the situation with my bathroom closet.
Remember when I remodeled it? If you weren’t around, check it out here.
Anyways, so this is what my closet looked like:

Oh how I hate this closet!
I’m in the bathroom doing my makeup. The bifold door is open because, well, that’s where my makeup is! The hubby decides that he wants to get in the bathroom. See the door behind the bifold? Yeah, it would slam into the bifold.
Let’s look at the storage:
Don’t tell me that you don’t have at least one closet that looks like this. Aweful, just aweful.
More reasons to hate this closet: Wasted space!
Look at all that room!
Such a waste…
Sooo….it had to come down.
I took out all the shelves
Then the strips of wood came out.
I don’t have a picture of the wall being demoed (demo-ed?? demod…nope) but I’ll just tell you that it’s a pain to take down wall studs.
After everything was gutted, I put up the new framework.
Then the new supports were put in.
I decided to go with 1×4 boards instead of a sheet of plywood. One, because I already had quite a few 1×4 boards. Two, because I can’t cut straight on a tablesaw yet. Three, it would be cheaper in the long run.
So I primed and painted every….single….board.
Some boards had to be sent through the table saw to make a notch.
Then I started to assemble everything.
I found this on a trip to Hobby Lobby. I spray painted it, making sure not to do a full coverage coat. I like that look better. You’ll see how that turned out in a second.
I also found some cheap baskets at Walmart. They needed to be spray painted to go with the bathroom, though.
I also added bows.
I put up my metal scroll thing.
Like it? Me, too!
Then on to add the trim.
I already started to add the baskets to get a feel for what it was going to look like.
After repairing the walls, I was done!
There you can see the new tiling on the floor of the closet.
I hope everyone likes it!

Great job as usual Brittany! So functional, organized and it looks great too!

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