Estate Sale Finds + DIY Plans

I love this time of year! I found some neat items this past weekend so my DIY brain is energized.
I found this cute bistro set. $15.

Perfect for the barn patio. I’m thinking blue/green and making some cushions. I like this Waverly outdoor fabric:
but that could change. What would you do?

My barn patio is mostly whites/beiges and that robin’s egg blue little wicker stool.

I got the rest of these items at a barn/estate sale. The homeowner purchased an old boyscout camp and turned the dining hall into his home. I wanted to peek in the windows so bad but I controlled myself. It felt like miles back a bendy/dirt road but the property was so park and trail like and beautiful.

I LOVE this vintage stool! It’s for our work bench in the basement since it’s only 1.

Restoration Hardware $295:
Ours. $20 (spider webs free):
A cute little step ladder:
My daughter liked this camp chair, so I’ll swap out the fabric. You can’t tell but it’s pretty dirty.
He had the locker type baskets but wouldn’t part with them but offered me this wire basket. I have an addiction. 😉

I got a quick tour of the outside on our way to the former cook’s cabin to grab windows that weren’t broken amongst empty mouse nests. lol. I even got to see a concrete snake pit! Thankfully from a distance and hopefully empty. Waiting for a nicer sunny warm day to clean them up. Old windows $1. I’ve seen so many cute ideas with these so I’m still deciding my DIY strategy.

I‘m also working on painting my daughter’s former bedroom and swapping the bedding from another guest room (which will then lead to re-doing that room). Here is a sneak peek. I only painted one wall so far because I wanted to test the color … and then I had make the bed, etc. to see if I liked it. What do you think so far? I also have my damask Cutting Edge stencil to try in this room too! More to come.

In progress (I rescued the brass chandelier last year and gave it a spray paint makeover). Yikes! The wall looks a little bright in this picture!And if that isn’t enough on my DIY plate, I’m still working on the dining room. We got the glass top for our reclaimed barn wood table (to protect the top). Now, what is your advice/magic for convincing husband that these are the chairs WE want:
when he thinks he likes these better?
??? What’s your secret? Mix them? He likes the spindly ones for the arm chairs. I prefer the wingback. I have my work cut out for me. 😉

What are you working on?
Okay – I know there are thrifty treasure parties but I apologize! For the life of me, I can’t find them. If you’re having one, I’d love to invite myself. Just let me know. 🙂

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