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Don’t you just love to look at pretty interior design photos? I could do it ALL day long. The Lennoxx is a great place to do just that. I love the options of searching for design by color, room or style – how helpful is that?! A design daydreamer’s dream come true. I love reading about designers too. Linda posts the most beautiful inspiration and she shared her great DIY chandelier. Here is her post:

So I’m always doing these fun DIY projects, and thought why not share them on here?! Last Sunday I decided to do my very own take on the shell chandelier, and here is the result:


DIY shell style chandelier home made collage

The real thing made from shells looks way better, but I am very happy with how it turned out anyways.


Here is what I used:

utensils for making a shell-style chandelier

1) An old book with semi stiff sheets cut into circles. 2) Neutral colored thread and a needle. 3) Glasses in various sizes as template for circles. 4) A good scissor. 5) Pearls. 6) Double-sided tape.

You will also need a sheet of stiff cardboard as a frame and a light fixture.


cardboard ring for DIY project

First I drew a circle on the cardboard using a small bowl as a template. I carefully measured and marked the location of the centre, then measured the size of the fixture that had to fit through and cut it out. If you want to paint the cardboard, this would be the best time.


DIY chandelier

I decided to do all the work from the lamp, so I assembled it right away. That way I could control the length and add more “circles” where needed. Slide the cardboard ring 1) onto the light fixture, and twist on the piece 2) made for securing the lampshade (whatever it is called?).

I tied a small bead at the end of the thread and stuck the needle through the cardboard from the top down. In the inserted picture you can see how I sewed multiple times through each circle, that way it won’t slide down.

To eliminate fire hazard I was careful not to let any of the paper or thread near the low heat bulb. Keep adding circles until you are happy with the result.


home made DIY shell style chandelier closeup

I also added a border to the top. It is made from white quality paper and is attached with double-sided tape.

Really fun and easy project, not to mention totally free! I would love to see a colorful version in a kids room.

Isn’t it awesome? I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial and for all of the beautiful inspiration your blog provides, Linda!


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