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Need some motivation for spring cleaning? Shannon from Posh Pieces has a little project that inspires me to get busy on a closet we built last year. That’s as far as we got. It’s built. Inside is chaos. What about you? Are your closets organized or are you trapped under and avalanche when you open the door?

Here is her post:

The $8.00 Closet

Early in the week I started cleaning my closet. It was a disaster! No organization, too much stuff and just a big mess. I picked a good day to start the Spring cleaning. It ended up being a lot more then spring cleaning though. Isn’t that always how it happens?


After I removed everything from the closet, I started sorting. I ended up with a bag of garbage, a bag for Goodwill, and a pile of stuff that just didn’t belong in the closet.

Then I got this bright idea to paint the closet.

Did I stop there? Of course not….

I decided to paint stripes. I have always wanted stripes, and I just couldn’t help myself. I remembered seeing Roeshel over at the DIY Showoff and her Bathroom stripes and thinking how amazing they looked. So off to the Home Depot I went.

I refused to spend a lot of money on this project because after all, it is just a closet. I was brave, and I bought one of their mess up cans of paint. The color was totally workable so I felt comfortable with the choice. I had to add a little white paint to tone it down a little, but other then that it was a good buy for $1.00.

I bought a basket from Target, in their clearance section for $4.00.
and a shoe rack for $2.50

Total cost was about $8.00, not including supplies, most of which I had.

Here it is… the $8.00 closet!
(This is my main closet downstairs, and I didn’t stage it with my pretty shoes. All shoes in this closet are the ugly, everyday shoes. Sorry.)

I love how there is almost nothing up here now. Ignore the uncovered doorbell thingy on the wall.

You can see the huge color difference from my main walls, and my closet. I kinda don’t mind it like this. It makes me feel like I have a mini mudroom or something behind those doors. 🙂

See how one of the doors is off kilter? It fell off in the process and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back on track.

The other side of my closet, angled walls. This was a very cramped space to paint in.

Of course, I love the stripes! But I also like that something so inexpensive and simple made a huge difference! Great job Shannon! Thanks for sharing!

I hate to do this. But Sindy never responded to winning the Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway. Sad for Sindy but good news for…

Random.org chose another winner – #73.
CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley at Decorating Obsessed!

Ashley, March 21, 2010 5:50 PM 73

So cool! I love the houndstooth one. I would love that in my hallway. 🙂


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