PVC Pipe Curtain Rods

I love this idea! Last summer, I made PVC pipe curtain rods for billowing sheers on the barn patio but they aren’t nearly as stunning as Sarah’s. She did an amazing job! They look awesome. Check out her post:

PVC Pipe Curtain Rods

I have been facing a dilemma since we moved into our house. We have 6 windows in our living room, which I love! The amount of natural light is great. I
‘m fairly addicted to natural light. I cannot stand a dark house. Who cares if my energy bill would be a little less each month if I closed my blinds? I NEED LIGHT!

Back to my dilemma. The window walls are so long that
it would cost a fortune to install drapery rods. Each wall is 10+ feet long. That = major money for drapery rods! I had to get creative….

Also, our windows meet in a corner, so that makes it more complicated. See the picture below.

I saw a show on HGTV that used PVC pipe for drapery rods in a room with a really long wall. That is what I would do!

Here is the price break down on PVC pipe versus regular curtain rods.
This price is what it would cost me to do 20+ feet of wall space.

1 3/8″ Drapery Rods = $77.94 (from Lowes)
1 3/8″ Drapery Rods = $150.00 (Bed Bath and Beyond)
1 3/8″ Drapery Rods = $159.98 (Amazon.com)

or 1 1/4″ PVC Pipe = $9.09

Holy Money Saver! So, PVC Pipe it was.

I went ahead and bought wood finials, brackets, and sconces to go with the PVC Pipe. I am in love with them. Wait….can you love something that won’t love you back?? I then found some spray paint that would match the finials/sconces. I gave the PVC pipe a few coats of Valspar Velvet Brown. I realized that the PVC looked too ‘matte’ after the spray paint, so I also did a few coats of a clear Gloss. Can you see the difference? Wow. They are looking pretty niiiice. Would you guess they were PVC pipe? Now, the installation. What a pain. It wasn’t hard, just took a while. First I installed the brackets and sconces. I then CAREFULLY slid in the PVC pipe. Your pvc pipe WILL scratch if you aren’t careful. I did a few ‘touch ups’ on mine after installing it. See my scratch?? I then slid on my curtains……. I want to take a break from my ‘PVC’ post and talk about the curtains. I am in LOVE with the fabric! I looked everywhere for drapes, and couldn’t find anything even close to what I wanted. So, I broke down and decided to make them myself. How to actually make them will be another post entirely. I did make them (it took 2 weeks!!!) and I think they turned out pretty sweet. I used a chocolate and cream damask, with a wide chocolate band at the bottom, and some cording in between the two fabrics. What I love the most about this fabric is the ‘burlap’ look them have. It makes the fabric way less formal looking. Now, back to our reguarly scheduled post….. I hot glued the finials onto the end. Here are some finished shots. I think it looks pretty fab!

Just to recap:

BEFORE (like, before we moved in….)


Sarah – you did a fantastic job! I can’t believe the price difference and I think you created something way more attractive than can be found in stores! Thank you so much for sharing!

You can visit more of Sarah’s creativity at her blog, A Little of This, A little of That.

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