Showing Off Mr. DIY

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! You all made my day even more special! Thanks to those who participated in the DIY Project Parade – I can’t wait to sit down and visit every single one!

I want to share something that Mr. DIY did that was so sweet, thoughtful, creative. and awesome! I love that my husband understands my passion for design, decorating and DIY.

This pretty box was all wrapped up (future use = tool box!):
Inside were these 3 inspirational books! (See Ki from FleaMarket Style on the cover of the first one?!)
Then, inside this one:
was this card. It looked like something that came with the book….
Here is the message closer:

Mr. DIY actually wrote the message, printed it on the envelope and attached it professional-looking with plastic velcro! What a surprise!

Inside was this touching card with a message that brought tears to my eyes
and inside that was $$$ to spend however I want! (Still undecided. Dining room chairs? Bedding? Laundry room makeover? Hmmm…)

Hurray! DIY and home decor!

As if that wasn’t special enough, 40 tulips…
And an almond cake with raspberry filling!
He’s a keeper! Thanks so much honey for making my birthday extra special. I didn’t want the day to end. I stayed up pouring over my books because I just couldn’t wait to open each one and look at all of the beautiful pictures. It’s going to be a gorgeous sunny week and I can’t wait to plan my next project and to go shopping!

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