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In case you didn’t get to check out this mudroom makeover from the last DIY Show & Tell party, I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Karli from The World Spins Madly On did an amazing job. I LOVE the new mudroom. I know you will too. Here is her post:

Mudroom Before and After

I’ve been taking a ton of pictures while we do this whole house renovation thing and since things are really starting to feel ‘finished’ in a few places I thought I’d share a few photos.
First up, the front door and entryway/mudroom.
We started with a nice white door and royal blue window panes.

Not terrible, but certainly not what I had in mind.
Ahhhh, much better.

~Keep in mind, many of these pictures were taken a while ago, which is my excuse for pumpkins being on the front porch!~

When we open the door you’ll find many, many changes.

First I’ll show you a bit of the floor as it used to be.

You’ll notice the carpet. Ewwwwww. Imagine the water and mud and dirt and everything else that was in that carpet. Yuck.

This is the only photo I have of the floor ‘before’ because it was one of the very first things I tore out.

We decided to go with a dark but neutral tile that we found at Home Depot.

I love it. We (and by we I mean my super talented cousin Elana) laid the tile in an offset pattern and I really love that it’s a little different than what most people do.

The wall of the mudroom were covered in a plastic-ish something that did NOT want to come off.

And there were hooks everywhere. Functional? Yes. Functional and beautiful? Not quite.

So I pulled off the hooks and shelves….

…. and patched the walls for paint.

And my favorite part of the ‘before’?

The yellow/brown/orange window leading from the mudroom to the main part of the house.

Gorgeous isn’t she?

So the steps went as followed:
– Replace carpet with tile flooring
– Remove hooks and shelves and patch walls
– Paint
– Add beadboard (on top of blue-ish stuff cause it won’t come off)
– Remove brownish/yellow/orange window
– Enlisted Kaelen (awesome brother) to make a built in ‘locker’ system
– Decorate!!!

Here are some of the ‘afters’!!!

And…look how she makes some simple changes with BIG results using fabric. Take a look:


The wall was bare and needed a punch, plus the molding near the ceiling stops right in the middle of the room? Don’t ask me why.

With a few tips from The Nester and some of this…

We get this…


Ahhhhh! So much better, no?

I liked it so much I decided to do the same thing in my bedroom.

Remember this post when I talked about how I thought the long wall behind my bed needed something more?


Not bad, but in need of somthing more…


Ahhh, just what it needed!

Thanks for sharing Karli! Everything is JUST AWESOME! 🙂


I‘m going to host a weekly DIY party on Mondays!
Stay tuned for more details. You’re invited!

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