Kitchen Facelift

Lisa’s kitchen makeover isn’t DIY, but I love the transformation and she thought it still might be helpful and inspiring for those wanting to paint kitchen cabinets. I agree! This is on my DIY to-do list so I’m honored to have it in the DIY archives. I love her blog name too…Popcorn Served Daily! How perfect is that for her kitchen facelift slide show? Pop over and say “hi”. She has even more before/after posts to share! Here is her kitchen makeover post:

Big island,
and lots and lots of cabinets and drawers.
61 total.
Blonde, maple cabinets.
blonde, maple cabinets.

We just felt our kitchen was lacking some character.
a few days before Christmas,
we decided to add a little pizazz to the kitchen.

That’s right,
a few days,
like four.
We’re crazy like that.

We had previously met with Bob,
the cabinet refinisher,
and had gone over painting choices and the details.
He was just waiting on us to give him the go ahead.

We called,
and his crew come over lickity split and removed all doors and drawer fronts.

Welcome to my mess.

Don’t stare at the contents for too long or it will make you schizo.
You can’t help but stare,
I know.

This is all of our junk?
who stuffed everything in there like that?
Not me.
7 days later…
My husband and I
removed every single item from every single cabinet and drawer.
Then the prep crew,
Arnie and Misty,
spent no time whatsoever,
removing the hardware and
covering every inch of wall,
floor and fish tank,
with paper and plastic to
keep the area,
which wasn’t getting painted,

They were meticulous,
and nice.

Very nice.

That’s important.

This is their work.
That was no easy task.

I know,
because I watched them and snapped a few pictures.

They also created a wall of plastic to keep dust and fumes to a minimum.

A thing of beauty.
After the plastic wall went up,
they sanded all of the exposed wood.

The next day,
Bob came in and worked his magic with the paint sprayer,
then applied a glaze by hand.
It was a 2 day painting process.

They added our new hardware,
and this was the finished product.
Before and After….
The island was refinished in expresso.
Caution: Blurry picture ahead. Do not adjust your monitor.
The center panel
to these doors was cut out for glass.

We are waiting for the special order glass to arrive.

The Canadian arranged the items so they were pleasing to the eye.
She’s got an eye for that, don’t you think,eh?

I just had everything shoved in there.
Go ahead and go back, see for yourself.
I have no shame.
Needless to say,
my husband and I
are very happy with the outcome.

With everything (neatly) back in it’s place,
the first 5 days of 2010 are looking good.

It’s gorgeous Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing!

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