Pleasant Surprise!

After checking referrals at sitemeter, I discovered some visitors coming from Apartment Therapy’s The Homies 2009 and that I had been recently nominated. What a great surprise! I have no idea who made my day but thank you so much! I know I don’t have a chance at winning (contest ends tomorrow and our favorite and popular DIY and home design stars are in the running). I’m not even going to beg for a vote (I’m done with that! lol), but it’s fun to vote for all of your favorites and cheer them on! Head over, you’ll see all of your favorite blogs there (perhaps even your own!) – log in and vote AND discover tons of new decorating and design blogs while you’re at it! Here’s the link!

I’m heading back over to vote for my blog buddies and nominate some others!
I see Sarah and Camila and Cheri and Jen and PK and Britt and Michelle and Christy and Donna and Amy and Rue and Liz and Janell and Shelley and Karl and Courtney and Kate and Sherry & John and Layla…and more!

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