The Results are In! And the winners are….

Edited: I need to take a day or two off from blogging. 🙁
But check out the holiday recipes or join in yourself! I’m hosting Christmas this year so I can’t wait to see your yummy goodies!

Thank you to everyone who participated! (Remember to remove your giveaway buttons from your blog.) I went through and deleted some duplicate comments (why blogger? why are you so strange and unpredictable some days?). The final total was 994! I don’t know if there’s an easier way, but I copied/pasted the comments into a word document then manually numbered all 994 of them! chose the winning numbers. Most of you entered more than once, sometimes daily! That’s awesome! I wish I had a prize for every single one of my friends because you all have been the most supportive and encouraging blog friends a girl could ever hope for. If you aren’t listed below, don’t worry. Another giveaway is in the works. 🙂

And the winners are:

(In numerical order, not by the number drawn)

#127 – Katie – Along the Way with K + J
#213 – Heidi – The Craft Monkey
#280 – Katie – Tote’s Life
#299 – 2 Sisters – A Crafty Clan
#401 – Denise – Copy Cat Creations
#402 – Aunt + Uncle B – Mrs. and Mrs. B.
#553 – The Jerseymooners
#644 – PK – Room Remix
#858 – John, Sarah, Maddie
#822 – Marsha – Sassy Mini Dolls
#896 – Jenny – Our Nifty Notebook
#954 – Rachelle – Fingerprints on the Fridge

Winners: Prizes are a surprise until you receive it in the mail. Unless…you’re assigned to a prize requiring a choice. I will email you later today to get the required information (as it’s 1:30 a.m. right now and I’m heading to bed – I’ve been painting a floor tonight!) to either get your mailing address to forward to the shop owners if you’re a surprise winner or to give you instructions on which vendor to contact with your information if your prize requires making a choice.

::round of applause for the sites listed below::
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE MOST GENEROUS, GORGEOUS, TALENTED, BEST VENDORS EVER FOR SPONSORING THE GIVEAWAY EVENT! You’re all so kind and in exchange, I’ll be leaving your buttons and links on my blog for at least the next month as well. The giveaway has been a blast! Thank you!

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