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Are you finished shopping for gifts? I’m not even close. My favorite part is wrapping them! I love giving gifts and making them pretty. Jennifer from A Hoot and Holler has a tutorial for the cutest felt flower clips which would be perfect for decorating a gift too. Here is her post:

Hand Made Stocking Stuffer-Flower Clip Tutorial


This project is so simple. It’s a great way to stuff a stocking or embellish a gift wrapped for a little girl. Honestly, I have had several big girls ask for them too! I have not made a tutorial on my blog yet but I decided to give it a go. I know that there are lot’s of people getting ready for Holiday gifts. These will take about five minutes and cost you about 35 cents.

This entire tutorial was created with my sick nine month old in the front carrier. Half the time she was sleeping. The other half of the time she was pulling my hair or trying to grab the camera. Aside from the craziness, I think I was able to give an explanation as to how I make them.

First of all, to get started you will need:

-Some nice wool felt (Any felt will do but 100% wool felt looks the nicest)

-Matching embroidery thread and a needle

-Something for the flowers “center”. I used a felted wool ball this time but I have used rhinestone, beads, etc.

-one metal hair clip

-A glue gun

-Small scissors

First you will need to cut two squares out of your felt a little bigger than your metal clip.

Next you will need to cut a tiny hole in the center of the top of one of your squares. I do this by pinching the felt and then snipping a TINY hole into the top.

Look! No hands!


Slip the back of your clip through the hole you just created.


Next your will want to put the other piece of felt on top sandwiching your clip in the middle.

You will take a long piece of embroidery thread (I usually just use two strands of it) and make a knot at one end.

Next, you will want to sew the two layers of felt together making your way around the clip as close to the edge as possible. I like to make my first stitch starting in between the two layers so the knot will not show.


After you are finished sewing around the clip tie a small knot in the back and clip your thread. Then you will want to trim all the extra felt as close to the stitches as you can WITHOUT clipping your thread.


Now for the flower pedals! This is the shape I chose for the tutorial. They are about a half of an inch.


You will need five pedals for each flower. The next step is to sew them together with a long piece of embroidery thread with a knot at the end of it. Start at the v in the flower pedal. Pull each one down to the knot.


This is what you will have when your finished with the flower.IMG_1320

Next you take the thread around to the back and sew the first and the last pedal together and tie a knot.


Now just glue the felt ball or whatever you chose for your center on and then pop it on the clip and your set.


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