My blog has been hijacked by a crazy lady!

Okay, so it’s just me. But I have turned into a crazy lady, obsessed with reminding friends that I’m desperate for votes. I just can’t stop watching the count. It’s my trainwreck. I can’t turn away.

Just today and tomorrow left to vote!

Have you? Will you? Could you? Would you?

Click the badge. Click to vote. Easy peasy.

I’ll love you forever. 🙂 Okay, you got me. You know I already love my blog friends. If you’re stopping by (all 1000+++ of you) … please vote – I’m currently 12 away from 3000. HELP!

Vote, leave a comment telling me you did and I’ll pay you a visit! (Leave me your blog address if your name/picture doesn’t click over to you.) I need a distraction!!!

Thanks, friends!

Update: My heart is just swelling full of gratitude from your generosity and taking the time to help! W.o.w! When I went to bed last night, my count was 2707. As I’m typing this update tonight, the count is 3094! Nearly 400 votes today. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you!

Have a great night!

Another reminder: You can enter for a chance to be a winner too! Click the giveaway badge on the side bar, check out the generous vendors and comment to enter!

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