Goodwill Find Turned Buffet Piece – Perfect for Entertaining!

Since I’m hosting Christmas this year, I love this idea from Kristina at Claiming Our Space. Perfect for entertaining and inexpensive! Here is her post:
Previously I haven’t gone to Goodwill or Salvation Army often because there was not one close to my old home. However, now there is a Goodwill right across the street from our local Lowes. Since we seem to stop there at least one every two weeks (ok, we stop there at least once a week), I have started stopping in regularly. Like many thrift shops, it is hit or miss. I have not had many hits (a lamp which will be featured later this month) and the items found in today’s post. When I saw this platter and ice cream sundae dish, I knew that I had to get them. Especially since at $1.99 and $0.99, they wouldn’t break the bank.

(Note to self: do not take pics of glass items on my light colored countertop)
You see, we had our housewarming party coming up and I needed something tall and flat to put the plates on for the buffet. Why tall you ask? Beause I wanted it able to be placed in the middle of the table with napkins scattered around it. I was afraid a regular cake plate would not be tall enough to do this. These were the perfect solution. A little glass glue (purchased at the Lowes across the street) and I was ready to go.

To secure the two pieces together, apply the glue according to the package directions to the bottom of the platter. Mine had three little feet and a circular pattern in the center of the platter so it was easy to see where the glue would need to be applied.
(Another note to self: See about getting a tripod or
having Hubs to take the pics when I am gluing
since apparently I cannot take pics with one hand)

Place the sundae dish upside down onto the platter and press for 30 seconds to ensure a strong bond.

Once the two pieces are secured, turn right side up and let sit for 24 hours before using.
While I don’t have a pic of the piece in use at the actual party (I got distracted with getting the food on the table in time), here is a recreation.
Total cost:
$0.99 Sundae dish
1.99 Glass serving platter

1.15 Glass glue (I figure I used about 1/3 of the mini tube) $3.13 TOTAL

Great job Kristina! Thank you for sharing! I have so many glass pieces that I know I can recreate this without spending a dime!



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Guess what I’m working on this weekend?
Sanded. Check.
Primered. Check.

Paint. Check.

Next up: Stenciling. I’m still trying to decide between all over design or painted rug. Hmmmm….
I’ll keep you posted!

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