Hi Everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am in desperate need of blog-friend power like never before!

My site meter shows my # of blog visitors. HI! I’m pleading with each of you for a vote.

I‘m kicking into serious big time begging mode. Please bear with me. I just happened upon another finalist’s # of votes and it’s close (I’m not in the lead). If you’re stopping by…PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, pullllllease – click my True Value DIY Drama below to vote! There isn’t registration. It’s just a quick click and a quick vote. If you’re a DIY Show Off friend, reader, follower, one-time visitor or here by accident – my hands are clasped and I’m on my knees, begging for your daily vote for our DIY Drama!

As most of you know, I entered the True Value DIY Drama contest because we have a lot of DIY drama in our home and so many projects to complete. The prize is a $5000 True Value shopping spree and a 2 hour in-home consultation by the True Value Master of All Things Hardwarian! (Professional guidance = a lesson in making things right!) My video is embarrassing. You know I love to show off DIY home improvement projects WHEN they’re done and beautiful. So, showing something ugly and a source of DIY gone wrong in our home wasn’t easy. Being chosen as a finalist is so exciting! It’s also nerve-wracking! So close! A 1-in-10 chance! But I really, really, really need your help!

I‘d love to show you the DIY process and what $5000 at True Value in the hands of a DIY’er can do with a pitiful master bathroom suite. I’m in shameless pleading, swallowing my pride mode.

I‘m so thankful for your votes! If you’re voting…please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you and acknowlege your help (your gift to me). Everytime I see another vote, I feel like someone has given me a cookie! You know how that feels. It makes your day! So warm and fuzzy and happy and so relieved and so excited! Help me to ‘smoke’ the competition! DIY blog-friend power to the rescue!

I appreciate your pleas for help too!
Thanks for sharing with your readers and community forums!

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