DIY Drama – Excitement & Embarrassment

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Ever wonder what a blog friend looks or sound like? You’re about to find out.
::increasing heart rate::

I am about to reveal something I never thought I’d actually get the chance to (so many great entries). Wait. Does that mean it’s a real true DIY drama to be one of the 10 finalists? Should I celebrate or hang my head in shame?! Of course, I have to explain because I’m SO embarrassed but when it comes to winning $5000 and as well as an in-home consultation with their local Master of All Things Hardwarian, I’ll swallow my pride. You with me? I’ll beg on my blog. I’ll put myself out there.

I entered the True Value DIY Drama. True Value is having an awesome contest! A DIY’ers dream come true! Our old farmhouse is full of projects but I went with our master bathroom because it’s d-r-a-m-a. A room that has been neglected. A project that’s still waiting. The place I thought would be the best ‘gift’ I could give Mr. DIY.

We’re lucky to have a master bath (if you can call it that). And it’s a nightmare. When we bought our home in 2007, we worked non stop for 2 months to make it something we could actually move in to. That doesn’t mean something pretty or completed within two months. Mr. DIY and I worked full time and would spend evenings and weekends cleaning things up. When it came to the master bath shower – it needed replaced. We tore it all out and Mr. DIY, who has awesome tiling skills (you’ve seen the slate tile and beautiful tile floor in the powder room), began his first vertical tiling job. He really did do a great job with it. Mostly. He was rushed and exhausted and tired. There is “drama” on the lack of finishing touches along with some other DIY oopsies. My video points it out (sorry honey) and the other disasters we live with every day. Hey, it gets us clean. That’s all that matters, right? NO! Not when you’re a DIY show off! It just won’t do! It belongs on my alter-ego blog, The DIY Nightmare. (Oh and that toilet seat issue…I’m guessing it was installed and used before I had a chance to run to the store for an exchange. Things were that rushed and that exhausting!)

Once you see the video (ignoring me), you’ll see what I mean. I was the 2nd video submitted. I wish I would have waited or watched some tutorials or homemade videos to spice it up a little. It’s not really dramatic in terms of quality. I didn’t have time for acting lessons either or a stunt double (great suggestion Tricia!). 🙁

You’d do what you could to win $5000 and professional advice too, right? Please agree with me…because we’re friends and I’ll feel better. 🙂

Remember – first time ever videography. So lingering on the shampoo while I get behind the camera isn’t intentional. The video is actually Take 12 or 100 or 500. I lost count. And I finally just gave up…despite the shampoo shot and my term “do-it-yourselfing”.

I was so nervous. I wish I could have been funny or cute. Looking back, I wish I could have been perky! lol AND the bathroom that I’m pointing out? I’d NEVER show it off!

So…I’m desperate for your vote. There are some great DIY dramas listed, but I’m putting out my shameless plea – please vote for me. You’d love to see the after, right? You’d love for me to have a master bath that I can show off. You KNOW that $5000 budget and professional guidance in the hands of a DIY’er can mean ugly scary space to beautiful master bath oasis.

Without further hesitation, um…here goes. This is me. This is not only my DIY home improvement drama, but my DIY video disaster. Never before seen video footage of a room that I would NEVER in a million years show off but will shamelessly plug for a chance at $5k.

Please click the badge below and vote by clicking the red button at the bottom of the video. Thanks everyone! Your votes can make me a winner!

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Are we still friends? Can you believe that DIY drama exists in my house? Help me make it better!

I would really, really appreciate your votes once a day every day now until December 4th. I’ll put the Finalist Badge on my side bar.

Thanks everyone! What do you think? Be honest! I’ll reject the bad comments. JUST KIDDING!
::runs off to hide::

If you take the minute to click over and vote every day…I think I’d have a chance. I’ll be forever grateful. Winning would be amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support.

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