Bathroom Update

One of our bathrooms is getting a makeover!

Something in each of these rooms inspires me. Can you guess what it is?

My Entryway

(Thank you Layla & Kevin, John & Sherry, Michelle and Karen!) I love the horizontal stripes!

athroom walls/door before:

First…I painted the doors. I used BM Decorator’s White…because I already had it (budget, remember?). AND Purdy sent me brushes to try and you know what? I was skeptical. Because my DIY projects usually = tight budget. I always buy the inexpensive brushes/rollers. Honestly – not any more! I had no idea that the better quality could make such a difference. All of my painting was done with this Purdy brush and roller. It makes a HUGE difference. The brush is awesome…clean straight lines.The roller is the BEST roller ever! No roller lines. Easy to clean and reuse…which I did several times. I’m telling you the truth – if it wasn’t worth the extra money, I wouldn’t have done the review.

For the walls, I chose Benjamin Moore Light Pewter for the base and Benjamin Moore Nimbus for the stripe.

1. I painted the walls the lighter shade first, BM Light Pewter and let it dry for a day.

2. Next, I measured floor to ceiling. It was 108″. I subtracted 3 for the base trim. I read somewhere that horizontal stripes should be between 8-14″. I chose 12 stripes so I divided 105 by 12 and came up with around 9.5.

3. Then using a pencil, I made marks around the room, starting at the top of the base trim 9.5″ and then I penciled 9.5″ vertically from there until I got to the ceiling. I did this every few feet around the walls.

4. Using a level, I made sure my pencil marks lined up around the room.

5. I taped (with Frog tape) from line to line around the room. Tape outside of the lines for the stripe that is going to be painted the second color. So, when you’re looking at the stripes, every other one should look smaller because the tape will be inside of bordering lines…this is the stripe you won’t paint.

Our floor to ceiling was not level in all areas, so there were certain areas that I had to “eyeball” and adjust a quarter or half inch here and there but it’s not a visible difference.

If you end up with this because you’re working late and things don’t line up…try, try again.
Frog Tape Frog Sculpture. Go ahead. Kick it around. It’ll make you feel better!

6. I went over the tape with a credit card, making sure the edges of the tape were bubble free and adhered nicely.

7. Then I painted the edges of the tape in the stripe that was going to be my darker color USING the BASE color. (ty Karen!)

8. I painted every other stripe with my darker shade (BM Nimbus). I did two coats. (above)

9. As soon as I was done with the second coat, I removed the tape, pulling away from the painted edge.

If there was any bleeding/seeping under the tape – it was the same base color that was under the tape. I’m not sure if it was the Frog brand tape or painting over the edges but I had nothing to touch up!

Here is a sneak peek of the walls:

I LOVE how they turned out! What do you think? More to come!
Do you have a room with stripes? Include your link in a comment – I’d love to take a look!

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