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Happy Birthday Kathy!
Creative Home Expressions.

She’s so sweet. I see her out and about in blogland. I believe I’ve even run into her at your place! She always has the kindest comments, thoughts and advice, doesn’t she? I love her Blog of the Week feature and 5 Things You Didn’t Know About – what a great way to discover new blogs and make new friends! She also shares a lot of insider giveaway announcements, inspiration photos, the best frugal finds (I’m jealous), a few tutorials and introduces the prettiest things and links on where to get them for yourself. If you don’t know her…pop over and introduce yourself and wish her Happy Birthday!

She’s even invited you to her Halloween/Birthday party (see here)!

Share a blog friend with me today and link your post!

If you’d like to link YOUR “blog friend post” to the party:

  1. A Show & Tell is always a surprise with a different theme and no specific date planned…just pops up out of the blue..
  2. You must link to this post to share the linky love.
  3. Add your permalink (not your blog url, but your Show & Tell post url). Feel free to link a Past Post, just invite your readers in a current post with a quick note.
  4. Or email your link to and I will add it for you.
  5. The party will run for a few days…so showing up fashionably late is acceptable. Keep checking back for more links!
  6. Have fun!


3 other quick things:

  • Vote in the poll on the left side bar…what would you like to see? I’m in the middle of a DIY bathroom makeover and you know how much I like to share – I’d show you every single little detail but I’d like to know what you want to see. 🙂
  • My most recent purchase:


  • In honor of my 500+ followers (now 700+), I am planning a BIG Holiday Giveaway Celebration! Thank YOU! You guys are awesome and I want to show my appreciation! Details coming soon! If you’re a shop owner and are interested in having me “show off” your business by donating a prize – contact me at for details and to get signed up with the other talented and creative vendors! I’m generous with promotions (and shameless in requesting your help when it comes to my blog friends). Perfect timing for the holidays!

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