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Edited to add, a note from me: I‘ve been so busy with the bathroom remodel and our German exchange student on top of regular day-to-day that I asked my blog friend Britt if she’s be interested in a guest blog post. I’ve introduced you to Britt before. Her first blog, A Penny Saved is full of gorgeous DIY projects (her chandelier, her hand-painted wallpaper, her tv disguise). Remember those? Love them! She agreed to guest blog (hurray!) and is introducing her new blog…which I think you’ll find helpful if you have a dilemma and it also gives you the chance to participate in design solutions. Here she is:
I am so honored that Roeshel asked me to guest blog for her and has given me the opportunity to shamelessly plug my new blog, All Together Now. (It wouldn’t be a shameless plug without a link!) Roeshel has been so encouraging and nice to me since I started blogging — almost since the very beginning she has been leaving kind comments for me, and has been so sweet about showcasing my projects. She is one of my best “blog friends” and I am so excited that she is excited about my new blog! Thanks, Roeshel!

As a brand new blogger, I was very flattered when one of my readers wrote asking for my advice on her decor. And then another wrote asking for advice, and another, and another. Eventually I had a major build-up in my inbox and a huge feeling of inadequacy. How was I supposed to answer their design dilemmas when I had questions of my own???

Then one day I posted a half-complete project on my blog and mentioned that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I asked for suggestions, expecting to get maybe a handful. The response was amazing. It seemed like every one of my readers had an opinion or a helpful tip for finishing my project. I figured if there were so many people out there willing to help me with my little dilemma, and so many readers with problems of their own that needed answers, why not create a blog that would bring the two together?

And so All Together Now was created!
It’s less than a month old, but so far people have submitted everything from whole room dilemmas to questions about window treatments to color scheme problems and more. Readers have answered with opinions, inspiration photos, and even design boards!
Take this dilemma for example: Niki from Missouri was preparing to move into a new house and was putting together a design plan for her kitchen. She had a basic plan for the room, but was stuck on window treatments. Readers left suggestions, posted photos, and Katie over at Truly Darling Home even put together a design board.
Katie’s design board for Niki – complete with a craigslist find & DIY project!

Niki now has several peoples’ opinions and can take them all into consideration when she makes her decision. After she finishes decorating, she plans to send in “after” photos for everyone to see.
If you have a dilemma you’d like help with, send me an email at And of course, everyone is more than welcome to stop by and leave a comment or suggestion!

Ps. If you get a chance…please see poll on top left side bar. Let me know what you want to see!

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