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Okay. Little white lie. It’s me. No guest blogger. But I’m embarrassed to admit it! I’m about to reveal…my family room chaos. (insert doom sound clip)

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I know I have old pictures of decorating mistakes (hideous outdated ones) but of course, since our move…I have no idea where they are. I even looked, no luck. If she has the party again – I’ll find them in time!

So, I have to give in and show you a current shot and describe what used to be and what is presently my family room. In the 90s – I considered hunter green to be my neutral. It looked beautiful with mauve and burgundy and all of my framed magnolias or Thomas Kincaide in brass frames. Big poofy drapery. Lots of silk flower arrangements. You know what I mean, right? And Christmas always coordinated with my color scheme too! I guess maybe then it didn’t feel like a mistake, except that I spent what was a chunk of change at the time on this La-z-boy striped sofa. My daughters and I love that it’s so comfortable. The quality is excellent…however, I’ve since learned to keep my big purchases neutral and classic. My first attempt at sewing a slip cover is going to happen before the year is up!

In the meantime, this is our family room with “old” mismatched things and of course, it’s a project on my DIY list and a decorating mistake. It’s just thrown together. (That fish tank that my husband insists on maintaining – with 1 lonely goldfish is a decorating disaster…but he doesn’t ask for much, so it’s something I’d rather just ignore).

See the hunter green area rug? You can barely tell – but the coffee table is hunter green too. And matching end tables. And that huge oak tv armoire? Yea…it’s getting a makeover one of these days as well. I think I have more photos but of course Kodakgallery is having issues and that’s where my old pics are. 🙁

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and check out some other decorating mistakes … it’s okay to laugh WITH all of the brave bloggers, right?

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