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I know most of you have seen my outside fall decor…oops! I was taking today “off” from blogging, wasn’t I? Aw, c’mon! You guys know me. I cannot resist a blog party. I’ve admitted my weakness. I’m a blog party girl. You can’t hold it against me. I was off visiting blog friends and stumbled across a new blog called Some Days are Diamonds. And you guys – she has “Diamonds” in her blog name! And, well…her name is Karen and she’s hosting this:

So, the tremors started and the sweating and I just couldn’t resist the temptation to blog. The withdrawal symptoms caused me to over come my resistance. I sat on my hands. They escaped. It’s not my fault you guys. How could I say ‘no’? Besides…this is a re-post of sorts. That’s not the same thing. Right?
If you’re a follower – please ignore me. I’m not here. You didn’t see me sneak in. It’s my evil twin. Really. I’ll have a new post for you tomorrow. You’re going to love it!

If you’re new to The DIY Show Off – “Welcome!” I’m thrilled to be participating in The Doors of Welcome. The Trilogy. What fun!

Here is my autumn door:

I decorated our back patio for fall this past week (more photos at the Fall Festival). All festive and ready for a Fall Festival spotlight. In case you’re wondering – we do not have a front door. Yea. Strange, huh? Previous owners built a room over the front entry and it’s one of those projects that we’ll work on down the road. (Dear HGTV, if reading this, we’d be an ideal candidate for Curb Appeal! Call me! lol Darn that TruValue for not considering my home FULL of DIY projects too!) Anyway…that’s why you won’t see my front entry. I have window and a brick chimney facing the road. Welcoming, isn’t it? Some day. ANYWAY – This is where we enter the house.

I decorated my window boxes with things from the yard. Birch bark, grapes, leaves, pinecones and silver dollar plants. Since it’s a short time between now and Christmas…I wanted an inexpensive option. I love how they turned out and the best part – FREE decor!

In my house # pots (tutorial here), I replaced my pansies with pumpkins (painted with simple metallic stripes). I grabbed some sunflowers and mini pumpkins today today.

I also gathered up some branches from the yard (we lost a couple of branches due to storms) to create swags over the French doors (held in place with s-hooks). My wreaths are from last year.

Mr. DIY’s herb garden received a little autumn magic with a clean up, cabbage, teeny pumpkins, a lantern and some acorns.

I found these nibbled pinecones in the yard and I added them to my Juniper.

Along with some acorn-filler.

I painted fall leaves on my doormats.

If you’re interested in making your own, wrote a tutorial: DIY Custom Doormat if you’re interested in sprucing yours up.

Some Days are Diamonds
to see all of the participants and their pretty autumn doors!
I’m linking to one of my favorite parties!

Check it out!

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