DIY Surprise Party – Home Improvement Makeovers

Hi! I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to see some before & after DIY home improvement. I could use your encouragement and motivation (kick in the rear) for my next home improvement project. Ever since we finished the patios this past summer, I’ve given Mr. DIY some well deserved time off. Now it’s time to put him back to work! (I haven’t told him yet…I need a plan first.) There’s a home to make lovely! 🙂

Speaking of befores & afters, did you notice the navigation bar under my blog header? My DIY home improvements are there. If you haven’t seen them all in one place, check it out and leave me a comment! I could use a cheerleader/pep rally. I want to complete a bathroom makeover (low budget and DIY) before the end of the month, ideally in 2 weeks. I might be an overachiever with my goal but the only positive thing I can say about this bathroom (and others but we won’t go there) is “it’s functional”. Luckily, anything will be an improvement, so just cosmetic changes are required in the short term.

Now…it’s your turn. Link an old post or create a quick recap showcasing your hard work again…perhaps new readers haven’t seen it! Show it off! In either case – please post the button/link back to The DIY Show Off. Share the link in a quick note on your post today so everyone can enjoy the DIY Show & Tell!

What is it? It’s always a surprise with a different theme and no specific date planned…just pops up out of the blue. I just knew you were looking for something to blog about today. Show it off!

If you’d like to link YOUR DIY BEFORE & AFTER HOME IMPROVEMENT post to the party:
  1. You must use the button above and link to this post to share the linky love.
  2. Add your permalink (not your blog url, but your Show & Tell post url). Feel free to link a Past Post, just invite your readers in a current post with a quick note.
  3. Or email your link to and I will add it for you.
  4. The party will run for a few days…so showing up fashionably late is acceptable. I will probably take tomorrow off from blogging so keep checking back for more links!
  5. If you notice your link has disappeared please add the link back to The DIY Show Off to your post today with a quick note to your readers about the party and try again! I love when everyone participates and readers check out everyone’s links, but I think the return favor of linking back is the nice thing to do so everyone plays fair and enjoys all of the projects and links.

Ps. I blogged 4 posts in the last day (crazy, huh?)…so if you haven’t had the chance to keep up with me, scroll down to catch up. 🙂 I will probably take tomorrow off (I heard you laugh!) in order to catch up on visiting my followers who’ve left me sweet comments. See you at your blog! Remember to check back often though for more links being added. I’ll leave the party open until Thursday!

If you’re linking to the party, thanks! I’m always pleasantly surprised about participation without warning. You guys are awesome! 🙂

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