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I have a case of serious DIY-admiration. I stumbled across one of the most talented, creative and inspiring DIY-ers and I know you’re all going to agree. Just don’t forget about me and come back, okay? Just when I decide what my style is and settle down all comfy cozy with it, I spot something completely different and gorgeous that inspires me all over again. Does that happen to you?

Well, meet Michelle from Three Men and a Lady. We all LOVE looking at real homes and real projects by real people. I think Michelle is magic because her “real” is a “dream” and she’s just the push I need to strive for better with my own DIY projects. I’ll show you a few of my favorites, but you definitely want and MUST go see her for yourself because copying/pasting an entire blog is a little creepy (but tempting), right? Be prepared to stay awhile. Her blog is bursting with DIY eye candy.

Her bedroom makeover was my introduction and what an unforgetable introduction it was!



This nightstand didn’t always look this way. Again, pop over to see details.


After: What a beautiful furniture makeover. Don’t you love the yellow, gray and white combination. I sooooo do. The Joshua Tree art work? Yep. DIY too.

Um, yea…did I hear you gasp in disbelief? I know! I did too!

See that sunburst mirror? Gorgeous. It was this:

Now this. Genius.

Some other amazing photos of her house. I feel like I’m looking at pages straight out of a House Beautiful magazine.

Please hurry over (link taxi here), give her some of your DIY Show Off love and comments because she has inspired me to be a little more bold in my next DIY home renovation.

How aout you?

Michelle, thank you for sharing your stunning home and your awesome DIY projects!

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