Fall Festival – Week #5

Welcome to the 5th Fall Festival! ::High 5!::

This week I made a birthday gift for my sister-in-law (Happy Birthday, Lynette!). She’s also moving into a new home this month too…so hopefully some before/after photos of their DIY renovation projects. Anyway…you know my usual routine. My weekly spray paint and Mod Podge fix. (Inspired by Mod Modge Rocks – Amy’s pumpkin & One Little Notebook – Jenny’s “BOO”) Warning: Spray painting a brown shade outside in the wind = dirty-looking nails and finger tips. Ew. Helpful hint: Nail polish remover works on removing spray paint. Unless you can rock the ‘digging in the dirt’ look. I couldn’t.

And then…seriously, this Fall Festival and everyone’s projects and decor are so inspiring. I’m decorating parts of my house that I normally wouldn’t! Today, I added some autumn touches to one of my built-in book shelves…Fall is in the air and it’s landing all over my house! But with my mantel
my book shelves make my living room feel so cozy. Perfect place to curl up on the couch with a good book or my husband and a movie. It’s almost like Christmas when I love just sitting on the sofa with raspberry truffle hot chocolate and staring at the Christmas tree except now it’s fall leaves, glowing candles, spice scents and hot cider.
Pardon Mr. DIY’s knee in the bottom left corner…he wasn’t moving for anything. Front row football seats override my photography session. So does Niski’s nap for that matter (that’s her on her bed in the middle of the floor).
We have a giant oak tree outside that is full of acorns this year. I’m not sure if we’re noticing it more because of the new patio, but it’s raining acorns. Scares Niski to death. Acorn bombs. The sky is falling! Poor girl. She’s whooped. Acorn invasion is stressful.

And this is good – you’re getting to see ‘before’ pics of my living room which will undergo a transformation soon…one of these days…hopefully.
And how cute is this Halloween project by Sassy Mini Dolls? Click HERE for the tutorial. Cracks me up! So funny and so cute (and easy!). Marsha is so nice. I love her motto: “Creativity is rarely tidy.” So true!

Linking to the following party.
Head over and see some great projects/befores & afters and fun!

Do you have a fall project or fall decor to share? Link up and join the party!
What is the Fall Festival?
  • A blog party on Mondays during the autumn season
  • Autumn/Fall inspired DIY projects

How can I join?

  • Create a blog post about an Autumn/Fall project that you’ve done
  • Add your blog name and project to Mcklinky (example: The DIY Show off – House # Pumpkins)
  • Type in the permalink address, not your basic blog address. A permalink is the address that links directly to your specific post. (example: http://thediyshowoff.blogspot.com/2009/08/house-number-pumpkins)
  • You must use The DIY Show Off Fall Festival button and link back to The DIY Show Off Fall Festival post so that everyone gets to join in the fun. Here is the button:
  • Grab the button/html code and insert into your blog post to let others know you’re joining the fun.
  • I’ll be posting The DIY Show Off Fall Festival on Mondays and try to start the party sometime on the prior Sunday evening.
  • Although a tutorial is helpful, it’s not required. Anything autumn related and DIY is permitted.
  • Please follow all steps above or your link won’t be posted. 🙁
  • If you’ve been inspired by something you see here – show us what you did too!
  • Enjoy and be inspired!
Here is the link to all of the Fall Festivals if you’re new to the Fall Festival: HAPPY FALL!

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