(Do you have any) Hang Ups

Jen from Sanctuary Art has some of the cutest DIY ones. Here is one of my favorites:

From this….

Here is her tutorial: “What about taking an old picture with a great frame that was.. err.. borrowed from someone’s.. er.. trash..?What would happen if I…

Painted the frame..

Cut a roll of cork to size and then hot glued it right to the picture (I doubled mine up. It was thin cork.)
I laid out my sheet music in the pattern I liked,

Used double-stick tape ,

then hot glued the entire thing to the cork once it was all together..?

I think I would end up with one bigger than the one I had!”

More creations from Jen and guess what? They’re in her Etsy shop!

Thanks Jen for sharing another one of your fun creative ideas.
love this!

Ever get a song stuck in your head?
I’m buzzing around the house singing this one.
Be Happy!

Have an awesome, productive, fun & relaxing weekend!

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