DIY – Custom Doormat

DIY Doormat Tutorial

Do you like my doormat before?

Just kidding! Not really my style.

I couldn’t find doormats for fall that appealed to me. So, of course – DIY to the rescue. Here is my tutorial. (You could also give an old doormat a new look.)

DIY Doormat

If you’re going to give this a shot, email me for some more helpful tips. (

1. I liked the lighter border so I taped it off.

2. I also liked the dark brown color, so I sprayed my back ground with a matching brown.

3. Then I used contact paper and leaves to make a stencil by cutting the contact paper to the same length as my door mats. (A monogram would be pretty too.)

4. I traced the leaves.
5. And cut them out with an Xacto knife.

6. Next I peeled of the back of the contact paper and stuck my stencil to the doormat. I found it easiest to drape the contact paper over a cardboard box to remove backing. Tricky!

7. I sprayed with white first hoping it’d help the color show up better.
Then, I used several different spray paint colors to paint my leaves.

8. I spritzed with a layer of hammered metallic bronze.

9. Peel of the stencil and tape and ta-da! Custom doormats!
What do you guys think?

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