Frugalicious Friday…DIY plans

We’re invited to another fun blog party, this time at Finding Fabulous. Head over to check out all of the great inexpensive ideas!

I haven’t had time to complete a project in time, but I will show you one (two) of my frugal plans. I have always loved this photo (it’s been in my inspiration file since before I knew to include the source…please let me know if you know):

Update…photo courtesy of Purl Bee. Thanks Amnah!
So last week, when I spied these at the thrift shop for 39 cents each,
I scooped them up! Those babies are expensive and add up $ otherwise! I’m keeping my eyes open for fabric and trying to decide where I want them. I’ll show you once it’s all done! 🙂

I‘m going to attempt another Frugalicious Friday (& DIY) project today. Let’s hope it goes as planned, because if not – I’ll be dealing with “sky-high, steep, stiff Saturday” to fix a big DIY oopsy-daisy. It involves Loreal Paris…sounds $$$, doesn’t it? Less than $10 and it’s going to look just like the model on the box and NOT need an expensive fix, right? Reassurance appreciated and encouraged!)

Before (Camera shy & I always take the dorkiest fake smile planned pictures!)
Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous?
Rachel Griffith is my double. Yea right! I WISH!
I always have the highest hopes each and every time that I will look like the model on the box, don’t you? And every time – it doesn’t happen. But even though you can’t see it in the photo – my roots need some serious attention! Up close and in person, I scare small children.

Hopefully “after” won’t qualify me for a Halloween fright night. Wish me luck!

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Edit: Just saw my # of followers. As my blog friend Sarah would say – “HOLY BATMAN!” You guys are so awesome and I am so grateful for each and every one of my blog friends! Looks like there will be a HUGE giveaway in the works. 😉 Stay tuned!

Don’t be afraid to send in our DIY submissions…even the tiniest of projects spark creativity! I’d love to show off you, your site and your project! 🙂

Also…a little ‘showing off’:

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