Guest Blogger Dog

Hi DIY-ers! I’m Niski (pronounced “knee-ski”), Roeshel’s beloved dapple doxie, guest blogger dog, reporting to share a little DIY tip for the 4-legged fans.”

How To Stay Warm When
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

by Niski Nogi

Fluffy Pillow
Fuzzy Blankie

Tutorial in pictures to help you follow along…

“Turn in circles and dig a hole in the middle of the pillow, fluffing the blanket as you go.”
Short break…”zzzzzz”

“Oh, right…DIY tutorial”

“Hang on just a min….”
“Blankets just out of the dryer are the best, aren’t they?”
“Burrow, burrow, dig, dig, burrow, double, double, toil and trouble.
Curl in a ball …”
“The End.”
“Oh…I forgot. Where are you and what’s the temp?
Guest blogger dog will travel for heat…and snacks.”

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