Attention Scavenger Huntresses!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who participated in
The DIY Show Off Scavenger Hunt!

This part of the contest is love/hate. I loved the scavenger hunt, making new friends, visiting old friends and making someone’s day. I hate letting others feel down and wish I could give prizes to everyone who played along. The Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway were my way of thanking my readers/featured DIY-ers, celebrating my 100th post and reaching 300 followers. This week has been amazing you guys! I’ve passed 400 and couldn’t have done it without you!

Here is the list of Scavenger Huntresses:

These ladies all either helped me out by posting a clue or participated all the way to completion. I sent out emails yesterday to verify/remind if something was missing. Those listed twice – assisted with the game and participated. If your name isn’t included here, I apologize that I didn’t receive your email with the link to your post in time (Contest end date shown in Scavenger Hunt post: 12 p.m. EST, Friday, 9/18).
1 Christy Domestic Princess
2 Melanie Old White Cottage
3 Courtney Project Pretty
4 Britt A Penny Saved
5 Christy Embellished Bayou
6 Katie K Along the Way with K +J
7 Stacie The Creative Crate
8 Jennifer A Shopaholic Mom
9 Jen Sanctuary Art
10 Tricia The Boutelle Family Zoo
11 Shari Spearmint Baby
12 Cheri It’s So Very Cheri
13 Lauren Fikle Chik
14 Whitney Shanty 2 Chic
15 Cheri It’s So Very Cheri
16 Emma A & Co.
17 Tricia Boutelle Family Zoo
18 Melinda Moe’s Scrap Spot
19 Adreann Maman Tattoo
20 Christy Domestic Princess
21 PK Room Remix
22 Kelly Grumpy Pants
23 Melissa The Cutest Thing
24 Cathy
25 Heidi H Family
26 Jennifer A Shopaholic Mom
27 Christy Embellished Bayou
28 Norma Norma Jean’s Journaling
29 Katie B Tote’s Life
30 Kandis Life, Love & Little Ones
31 Cara Just Us
32 Jennifer G-D
33 Veronica Smile – It’s Contagious
34 Molly My Happy House
35 Melanie Old White Cottage
36 Alanna One Little House
37 Jennifer Jewel of the Prairie
38 Jenn Caribou Jenn
39 Debbie Simply Southern
40 Tee Keeping Up with the M’s
41 Shannon Posh Pieces

And here are the numbers generated by

Grand Prize ~ Prize #2 ~ Mystery Prize
Grand Prize (15)

Black & Decker 7.2V Project Kit with Bag

Prize #2 ~ sponsored by Chic Sparkle ~ Fall Garland (27)
(See all including ~FALL~BOO~WISH~DREAM~AMORE~LOVE~ & purchase Here)
So pretty!
Prize #3 – Mystery Prize (14)
It’s a Surprise!
Cheri, Christy W. & Whitney: CONGRATULATIONS!
Please email me your mailing address.


Thanks everyone!
Your support, your participation, your comments and your friendship mean so much to me. I’m inspired by your DIY projects and creative ideas. I enjoyed getting to know each of you a little more over the past week.

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