DIY Wall Art that makes a BIG Statement

I am in love with this creative and unique idea submitted by Joi from Nuestra Vida Dolce (which means “Our Sweet Life”…what a cute name.) I have 1 ceiling medallion and I love that thing. I’m using it for it’s intended purpose, but these are gorgeous.

Here is her post:

I have been obsessed with this image for what seems like forever:
I could not get this out of my head. I went to the site the article suggested to get the medallions and just couldn’t bring myself to bite the bullet and order them. The total price wasn’t outlandish, but it wasn’t a bargain either. Well, summer strolled on and like I said, that image just kept haunting me. I finally gave in since the rest of the living room was shaping up quite nicely and I am happy as a clam that I did. Using the inspiration image as a guide, I found some medallions at differing diameters and designs that suited me. I took note of the sizes and traced them out on wrapping paper and positioned them on the wall with painters tape before I committed to clicking the “purchase” button.
I highly recommend this step because you can get a feel for how they will look in your space and if the sizes you thought you needed were either too big or too small. Once they arrived at home I had to figure out how to hang them. I contemplated drilling a hole into the backs but I was afraid of cracking them. They’re not ceramic, nor plastic, but more like a resin material.
Then my father-in-law suggested using gorilla glue {or any type of heavy duty adhesive} and d-rings and it was the perfect solution! I put two on each medallion and they are hanging just fine in our living room. I know they look kind of piddly but one d-ring can hold up to 30 pounds so we should be good to go.
Since I’m a fan of all things white, I kept them as they were when they arrived.
Of course you could always spray paint them virtually any color of your heart’s desire! Since we had the templates up it was a cinch hanging them right on top. The only one I want to move is the one on the far right that I think could stand to come down a couple of inches.

I am very pleased with them and encourage anyone who wants a big statement art piece{s} to give this little project a try. You will love it!

Check out this DIY project too. She’s has some creative DIY ideas!

Joi – I DO LOVE IT! I am definitely saving the medallion idea for future wall art. It looks awesome in your living room (which is gorgeous – I love every detail!). And I love your DIY option for the 3D butterflies. Awesome! Thanks so much for showing off! Super job!

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