My Project for under $15

(Evangeline’s Vine readers – please pardon my recycled post –
but you do have more chances to win! Still friends?)
I was hoping to have my project completed for Maman Tattoo’s Projects Under $15 party but it’s just not going to be done on time. Work has been interfering with my DIY-schedule. I hate when that happens. But, I’ll share with you my blog post from Evangeline’s Vine from Monday. Here it is:

Here is what I did over the weekend and it didn’t involve a paint brush!

Doxie Sachets

Materials are scraps of fabric, stuffing, ribbons, embellishments, dryer sheet that I already had.
Total cost = $FREE.

But, let’s do a rough guestimate:
Approx. 1/2 yd. fabric $2.99
Stuffing $4
Ribbon $1.00
Embellishments $3
Dryer Sheets – ? Only 1 needed. (free as I assume you have these)
Guestimate = $10.99

I attempted to make my own little stuffed doxie.

I think one was a success. She knows it too. She’s a diva. She’s pretty.

The other…well, she’s a little “special”. Sometimes just getting creative takes a little practice.

Doxie #1 – Duchess Doxie #2 – Paisley I am giving one away today at Evangeline’s Vine
I’ll give the other one away here tomorrow!

Leave me a comment by 10 a.m. (EST) Thurs., 8/27 telling me which one will find love in your home and I’ll randomly choose a winner to adopt the homeless little stuffed doxie sachet (the one not given away today at Evangeline’s Vine).

Leave me a 2nd comment telling me that you are a follower/became a follower for a 2nd chance.

Good luck!
Remember to head over to Maman Tattoo to see more Projects under $15!

I will work on a doxie tutorial in the upcoming week for those who have asked. 🙂

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