That DIY Party - autumn

It’s That DIY Party time!

Helloooooo DIY enthusiasts and friends! I’m so happy you’re here. It’s a brand new week and a brand new That DIY Party time! 

That DIY Party - autumn

DIYShowOff recap: 

It’s fall! Woo hoo! Warm rich colors, spicy scents, falling leaves and brisk temps. Well, those things will all be here soon enough. This past week I whipped up a beautiful fall dream catcher inspired wreath/door decoration. Check it out!

DIY fall dreamcatcher wreath door decor tutorial @diyshowoff

And…you may have caught this on social media, but I’m feeling blessed to receive this recognition! This company has changed me forever. It’s opened my eyes to so much and helped me with more than I can say in just a quick recap. And to think I wanted no part of this originally. I’m too busy. I’m a BIG introvert, too shy. I’m not a salesperson. I’m a successful blogger. And you know what? Despite my unhealthy lifestyle, I was actually pretty darn healthy. Well, something in me shifted when I started using and falling in love with the products. I was given the resources to learn more and a passion to take care of myself and family soon because a priority. I love that this MLM company is completely different. Raising awareness and even seeing other people take baby steps just like me to start somewhere, anywhere to eliminate some of the toxic things in their lives that we really didn’t give much thought to because celebrity/professional endorsement means it must be safe, right? Wrong. 

Well…back on track here…despite all of my initial hesitation, helping others makes it all worth it. Because over time, those things, that crud, it adds up. I worked around and in healthcare, specifically cancer and saw the proof right in front of my eyes. Lifestyle choices do matter. Wellness is huge. It’s our biggest asset! It’s priceless. So I’m here getting spoiled and pampered and enjoying every minute of it but more importantly, I’m inspired and motivated to continue to learn and to share with others. The relationships are an unexpected gift too! Wow! I love getting to know new friends!

You probably seeing this nearly everywhere you turn (it’s nothing new but it is semi-recently trendy as people are empowered to self educate) and who you sign up under makes no difference to me, just GET OILS! I’m not at the top. I’m not the expert but I lead an amazing team of big-hearted oily friends and have a super generous upline with this company who keeps us educated and supplied with top quality products! It would be my honor to get you started! Learn more HERE


Party time: 

That DIY Party - autumn

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