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This blogger has me so inspired by her creativity and giggling and laughing out loud at her comedic way of blog-posting.  I can’t help but smile when I’m reading along about her describing a DIY project and an unexpected little joke is thrown in there.  Love that!  You can read her posts for yourself at 
LA LA land
and I’ll share some sneak peeks from some of her amazing before/after and DIY. 
(Yes, despite what seems like our never ending kitchen remodel, I still looooove looking at real DIY kitchen makeovers.)

Can you tell what’s different? 
  • Appliances. Check. 
  • Open Shelving. Check. 
  • New cabinet hardware. Check. 
  • Beadboard backsplash. Check. 
  • New paint. Check. 
  • New floor – using 4 different types of wood. Risky. Clever. Beautiful!

BEFORE                                      AFTER

You know I’m a sucker for horizontal striped painted walls (proof).
Her hallway before…
Hallway after…
There’s more you might want to check out too!
and a house tour. 
Go ahead…just click over and introduce yourself.  DIY friends are the best. 🙂
There’s a $300 shopping spree from The Tile Shop
going on at
Sign up and enter to win!  You better believe I did – I have a laundry room makeover to do this summer!

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