Recaptured Charm – Kitchen Makeover

Okay, these kitchen makeovers are just what I need (if you have one – email me!). This gorgeous transformation by Lisa at Recaptured Charm is beautiful. One thing I love about remodeling is the details and Lisa’s kitchen is full of “charm”. The cabinets, the cabinet hardware, the island, the beadboard, the stools and that window treatment! I am so inspired. Remember – I have one really ugly kitchen in desperate need of DIY surgery. Here is Lisa’s post with her amazing pictures. I am in love! (For the record, I’d even take her “before” picture. Head over to her blog to see more!)
Finally! The Reveal
I had to look back at my very first Kitchen Chronicles post to figure out when it all started…. January 20th. Wow, it really has been a long time. But it was all worth it.
Before we begin, I have to give my sincerest thanks to Mr. Charming for all his hard work. Day after day, weekend after weekend of hard work and determination. I can’t thank him enough.
Another very important thank you goes out to my mother, who was here helping out every weekend. From getting down and dirty with the construction to doing laundry and supplying us with muffins and home cooked meals, it was all a huge help and very much appreciated. Thanks Mom!
So now………………. come on in, and take a closer look.
kitchen after makeover 026
kitchen after makeover 008
kitchen after makeover 009
kitchen after makeover 012
kitchen after makeover 020
kitchen after makeover 021

kitchen after makeover 022

kitchen after makeover 024
kitchen after makeover 028
kitchen after makeover 030
A couple of ‘before’ reminders.
For a look back, follow the Kitchen Chronicles from start to finish starting here!
kitchen pre appliances 010 kitchen pre appliances 009
Oh, and a shout out to my kids who came home when the kitchen looked like this and asked, “hey Mom, what’s for dinner ?” Thanks kids! Ya knows I loves ya!
kitchen demo 032
Lisa – it is BEAUTIFUL! That’s all I can say. Otherwise, I’m speechless (and jealous). Thank you so much for sharing.

Kitchen Makeover

I never get tired of seeing cabinets painted white. It’s so refreshing. I love the way it transforms a dark dated space into a light brand new space. Nicole from The Two Savvy Sisters is a newer blogger and already she has so much DIY project inspiration! Here are the before and after photos of her kitchen:

Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

YAY! Our kitchen redo is almost over!!! My favorite part of the redo was painting the cabinets white. If I must I will show you a before picture of the kitchen 🙂

we started the makeover by taking all of the cabinet doors off and sanding down every single part of the cabinets. We then started to prime all of the cabinets. Once the primer dryed we started with our SUPER white paint. We put two coats on all of the cabinets. I had a blast painting the doors late at night while I watched my soap All My Children…I heart TIVO!!
Once the painting was finally done YES!! we put all the knobs and handles on the doors and oohhh la la Our brand new kitchen cabinets are finally done 🙂 it only took us two months!
All that is left to add to our new kitchen is the butcher block counter tops that I want soooo bad…hopefully soon!!!

Head over, introduce yourself and check out her other projects.

The Two Savvy Sisters

Here is a sneak peek of another one of my favorites:

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Easy Outdoor Shower Tutorial

Karol from Home Sweet Home Inspiration is sharing an awesome idea for an outdoor shower. She makes it look so easy, especially since it’s hooked up to a garden hose. I love it! Here is her post:

Outside Shower DIY “How-To”

Here’s a quick step by step how-to for putting up your own shower. No plumber, electrician, handy-man, or building inspector needed. Just a list of things you’ll need to get, a couple of tools, a few tips I’ll share and about an hour of your time to put it all together.
Showers like these can be installed right outside your mudroom entrance (if you are lucky to have a mudroom) or on your porch, or wherever you want to rinse off before going inside. Near an outside water spigot is ideal since this how-to is for hooking your garden hose to it.Below is a list of parts you will need. I went to Lowe’s and purchased everything I needed. The person in the plumbing department helped me find every single part I needed and even showed me how to piece them all together. I wish I had written down her name. Next time I am there I am going to thank her for being so helpful.

A few things I want to specify.

  • I wanted my shower to be all metal/silver colored. But you can use pvc pipe or there’s even a black pipe and if you want to get really fancy, copper! You can get all the fittings, shower head and lever to match. Can you imagine all black or all copper on certain homes? …gorgeous!
  • You can use whatever type of shower head you would like. I wanted the rain shower type, but you can use a regular one or even a handheld one -which might come in handy for rinsing things off or even washing a dog.
  • There are different types of valves you can use, too. I wanted the pull chain kind because I wanted to be able to leave my water hose on and have the shower work whenever we pulled the lever. And I didn’t want it to accidentally get left on so the pull-chain type valve works great because it shuts off when you let go of the chain. But you can also get the kind that you turn on and then turn off. Again, it’s up to personal preference and needs.
  • The two most expensive parts are the shower head and lever/valve. If you can, shop around for the best deal on those. Everything else is very inexpensive.
  • Ok, now on to the supply list.
Things you will need:


  • (2) 1/2 inch in diameter sections of pipe. -two sections because the water valve goes in between so decided how tall you want your shower to be. I bought (2) 31″ sections (the ends are already pre-threaded).
  • (2) 90° -1/2 inch pipe elbows
  • (1) 1/2 inch pipe coupling
  • (1) 1/2 inch brass hose bib
  • (1) 1/2 inch x 3 inch pipe nipple (a pipe nipple is just a short section of pipe with threads at both ends…just like the large pieces of pipe listed above)
  • (1) 1/2 inch x 6 inch pipe nipple (this is the section of pipe that determines how far out from the wall the shower head will be so choose the length you prefer).
  • (4) 1/2 inch 2-hole pipe straps
  • Exterior stainless wood screws (if attaching to wood, which is most likely)
  • Thread seal tape
  • Wrench (for tightening pipes together, but thread seal tape also helps assure a good seal)
  • Screwdriver to attach pipe straps to wall or post or whatever you are attaching your shower to. (preferably an electric or cordless drill or screwdriver which required less “elbow grease”).
Below I will explain how to put everything together (with pictures). I started at the bottom since the shower head should go on last (easier to handle and work with without shower head on).
  • First let’s put the seal tape on the pipe threads. Wherever there are threads, apply some seal tape. Seal tape is not really tape but a super thin plastic strip that is stretchy and clings as you wrap it around the pipe threads. Wrap around a few times. This seals the pipes and fittings together better so there are no leaks. (Above) is what it should look like after you put seal tape on pipe thread (sorry for blurry pic).
  • Next, let’s put some parts together. Attach the water valve to the bottom pipe. Turn as hard as you can to assure a tight seal. You can even use a wrench if needed. *If using a pull-chain valve, be sure you have the lever going the right way so if you turn it one way for on and one way for off. The pull-chain valve I bought works either way pulling up or down and rests in the middle for off. If it is the kind th
    at turns one way for on and way way for off you might want to make sure you have it the correct way and on the side you want it on, too. It’s mostly preference on that.
  • Then attach the upper pipe to the other end of the water valve and turn to make a tight seal. Again, use wrench if needed.
  • Now to the bottom pipe end attach the coupling and then the hose bib. Tighten as tight as you can get them. Especially the hose bib. (they tend to leak if not tightened good). The hose bib is what you attach your garden hose to.
  • Now we will work on the top part of the shower. Attach one of the 90° elbows to the pipe. Then attach the longer of the two pipe nipples to the elbow. As usual turn as tight as you can get it, but also so that the elbow is facing straight out (this is important!) away from the water valve so that the shower head is centered and out in “front” of the shower unit. If it is not completely tight, but you have it straight out in front like it should be it will be ok because you put seal tape on the threads.
  • Attach the other 90° elbow.
  • Attach the smaller pipe nipple.
  • Last, attach shower head to other end of pipe nipple
Now assembly is all done. Be sure shower head is positioned straight and water valve as well and you will be ready to attach the shower to post or wall.

  • Attach shower using pipe straps and screws. It is good to place a pipe strap at each joint. I put a pipe strap above and below the water valve at connections (see pic) since there will be a lot of pulling on this part with the water valve. I used 4 straps total.
  • Last, attach your garden hose to the coupling at the bottom and tighten as tight as possible. Then turn on the spigot and give your shower a try!
Thanks Karol! This is such a great idea! I’m forwarding it to my mom. I think it’s a great idea for her patio/pool!

Chim Chimney Block Benches – Tru Tales

Trudy from Tru Tales is so clever! Look at these awesome benches using chimney blocks. I love that they break down for winter storage too. Here is her tutorial:


These are the benches I made for the play area in our yard for the Grandchildren. I made 4 of them, 2 for each of the corners by the driveway, rather than have a fence. I was going for a look that would be cohesive with my landscape and not look totally playground. These break down for winter storage, because they had to be out of the way for snow removal.
Here’s how I did them.
Make 2 for each corner you want them in.
2X6X8 Pressure Treated Boards (2 for each bench)
1X4X8 Pressure Treated Boards (3 for each bench)
2″ Coated Deck Screws (I used 3 in each
area of the 2X6s, total of 30)
1 1/4″ Coated Deck Screws (I used 2 in each area
of the 1X4s, 10 for each board, total of 60)
Chimney Blocks (2 for each bench)
Exterior Latex Paint
Deck Stain and Sealer
Power Miter Saw or Table Saw
Power Drill
Small Square
Corner clamps or Band Clamp
Pipe Clamps
Paint Brush or Roller



Some pics of the final product

Great job Trudy! I think they look amazing – such a fun addition to your outside play area! Love it!
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DIY Project Parade 10

Time for seeing all of your creativity! I’m always so inspired! Money has been tight here with a countdown to vacation, so projects are in the works but not completed. Here are some highlights from last week’s DIY Project Parade. Click the links to visit each blog for details. I wish I could include each one of your amazing projects and hopefully, I will – it just takes time. 😉
So cute and perfect for displaying creativity. Love this Brag Board at Harrigan Howdy! Isn’t it a great idea for a bulletin board too?

I want this repurposed headboard at My Repurposed Life. Awesome!


I am soooo in love with this kitchen island at Starter Home to Dream Home. Wow!

Check out this bed to front porch bench at In His Grip? I love it! So beautiful and unique!


Such a creative and clever idea – I love the wainscoting with shaker pegs at Pregnant with Power Tools!


I love this cute retro garbage can makeover at At Home with the Hinsons. Spray paint is my favorite DIY material!

The DIY Show Off

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  2. Include your name or blog name and project title. Add your permalink (not your blog url, but your DIY project post url). Feel free to link a Past Post, just invite your readers in a current post with a quick note.
  3. Or email your link to and I will add it for you.
  4. If you notice your link has disappeared please add the link back to The DIY Show Off to your post today with a quick note to your readers about the party and try again! I love when everyone participates and readers check out everyone’s links, but I think the return favor of linking back is the nice thing to do so everyone plays fair and enjoys all of the projects and links. Also – this blog party is for DIY projects only. Links not related to DIY will be deleted.

If mcklinky is down/having issues and not working for you –
I can post your link here with a photo, just send me an email. Here are some more awesome DIY projects:

Baby Bib Tutorial
Home and Hearts Blog

Pretty spring decorating ideas at
Make the Best of Things!

Beautiful DIY Mirrored Night Stand at
Simponsized Crafts

I love upholstered headboards.
Check this out at
Simpsonized Crafts!

2 favorite materials – jute and burlap
Lamp Makeover at
The Cabin Chronicles

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Vintage Home Tour – LaurieAnna's

I love coming across new-to-me blogs that inspire me with beautiful makeovers and making new blog friends. In case you haven’t ‘met’ her yet, I’d like to introduce you to
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And if you do ‘know’ her, why haven’t you introduced us? lol I’ve been catching up on her posts and I’ve seen your comments! 😉

I‘m going to share several of her makeover posts with tons of beautiful pictures but if you’re like me (and I know you are), you won’t mind! Then click the link above and see more inspiration and her boutique. We have a rainy weekend ahead of us here and if you do too – grab a throw blanket and curl up with your laptop.

Here goes (warning, you’ll need a napkin for the drool):

Bedroom Makeover at 5th Place Cottage

I’m eager to share our latest room makeover at 5th Place Cottage! I hope I don’t bore you to tears with the large amount of photos!…

Challenges were of plenty in this room, but this once dark and musty room is now as fresh as a daisy!
The antique Victorian cabinet in the corner was painted Cottage linen and not only looks great, it provides desperately needed storage for linens in this tiny cottage. Shhhhhh……there’s a tv hiding in there too.

I found this treasure at Hector and Susie’s place, Fundustrial in Warrenton / Round Top last Fall.

The huge mirror helps to enlarge the small room, I snagged it from Marcie and Mayron.
Check out the bed crown….its a zinc range hood in “as found” condition! We found this at the Fredericksburg Trade Days last year.
I hung our smocked white bed throws inside of it to create a canopy. Isn’t the mix wonderful?!
Hubby hung a small prism chandy from the shoppe inside… makes the perfect reading light.
Look at the amazing detail in the vintage vent-a-hood. And the perfect amount of rusty patina!
The greenery is compliments of a tree in the sideyard….don’t you love simple greenery!
The sheer white smocked top drapes let in beautiful filtered light.
I bought this heavy antique iron bed from Lillie of the Junk Palace on our girl’s road trip last year…it’s perfect for 5th Place.

Crew member Bekah-doodle (Rebekah) made this beautiful white linen bedding for me.
Painting the floors white was an adventure that paid off big in this room! I fell in love with the white floors on the Swedish blogs and knew I had to try it. We may paint all the floors of 5th Place white…..over time.
Small architectural things always make it into the decorating details of my rooms….they feel like art to me.
It’s so nice to see these before I go to sleep.
A collection of random brushes are tucked under the cloche.
I’ve collected vintage baby dresses for a long time….they are so much prettier framed and hung on the wall. The backdrop….what else but bleached burlap.
A vintage flip top dining table paired with a burlap slipcovered chair makes the perfect desk for this space!
What are those big dome things you might ask….they are a pair of iron industrial harbor lights….just wonderful!
Vintage petite fish bowls on a tray make the perfect desk organizer!

I love the way the sunlight plays on the white floor….this room feels so fresh and I’m so pleased with the finished result.

And so you can really truly appreciate our efforts, check out the transformation in the before and after photos!
Are ya diggin it? Tell me what you think!!

Isn’t it beautiful? I want to paint all of my floors now! And one of these days, I will have a vintage romantic room to relax in too. Ready to see more?

The Kitchen at 5th Place – Makeover Photos!

Energetic and inspired….that’s the way I feel these days! Hubby and I indulged and took a week off. Actually, we had planned to take 2 weeks, but by the end of week 1, I was so refreshed that inspiration lay everywhere! So, we put the energy and inspiration to good use and went to work on 5th Place!
Hubby didn’t complain too much, although I did hear muttering yesterday that sounded like, “just how many projects can we cram into a day off?” No doubt he must love me because I know that I wear him out at times!
I’m very pleased with what we’ve accomplished over the past week….so many “after” shots to share that I don’t even know where to start! We built a sidewalk, an office / guest bedroom, finished the master bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen details! It’s been a very full week indeed!
These are all photos of the completed kitchen at 5th Place that are long overdue. See my previous post for the first leg of this project.
Check out the transformation!
I’m tickled yellow with Spring bursting out everywhere!
These tulip bulbs just astounded me. We used them at the Shoppe during the past First Monday show and they couldn’t have been more than a couple of inches tall. I placed them in the kitchen window and they have gone crazy! Don’t you love their new home? These chalkboard bins work perfectly ….aren’t they fun?
Cafe de 5. This handpainted project took an afternoon to complete and added a personal touch that is packed with personality. I love the way it revved up the tiny kitchen!
I wasn’t crazy about the view of the master bedroom door so I painted it with chalkboard paint. Now, it not only gives a bit of depth to the corner, it’s adds fun functionality too!
This corner definitely needed some extra light and hubby was sweet enough to hang a couple mercury pendant lights …love love love it!
This fabulous oversized clock is the perfect pop of energy for this corner and the antique metal table (a Roundtop find from our road trip last year) was exactly what the small area needed.
One of my favorite things at the Shoppe right now are these silverware molds….they are fabulous and were a perfect compliment for this little nook.
I’ve been collecting vintage Sherbert / Sundae dishes for years but love them far more dancing on the bottle drying rack instead of sleeping on a shelf.
The island was a find from Marcie and Mayron of Unique Unique Designs.
So was this great ironstone platter.
I love these vintage inspired faux foil wrapped bunnies…they are one of my favorite Easter arrivals at the Shoppe.
Can’t get enough of Tulips and aged Ironstone!
The container for the beautiful Iberis is a wicker cake stand flipped upside down. I heard about these flowering plants on Martha Stewart’s show a long while back….they are supposed to be easy to grow. I love the freshness they bring to the counter.
I love the crown dishes from the Shoppe….I think they are my favorites we’ve ever carried!
A burlap floor cloth was used for the window treatment. I can’t decide if I like them better on windows or floors….which do you like better?
I can’t possibly close without “formal” before and after photos. Take a look…

You can read more about this kitchen makeover here.

Wow, huh? If you saw my kitchen, you’d understand my envy. I do have Mr. DIY talked into redoing the honey-oak cabinets. I can’t wait to get started!

And then…there is her patio. She claims it isn’t finished but I love what I’m seeing and I’m so inspired to get my own barn patio into shape now that winter is over. Here is her post:

Now You See It – Now You Don’t

Spring is in full bloom everywhere! 5th Place Cottage may have more than its fair share of problems inside, but sometime in the past, someone with a very green thumb spent a lot of time in this yard.
Bulbs, ivy, ornamental trees, mature shrubs and wisteria….there is so much beauty blooming.
And, we want to enjoy every bit of it with strategic placement of sitting areas and outdoor living spaces.
But, as I showed you yesterday, and again pictured below….not everything outside is beautiful.

Isn’t this lovely? And, although we are big DIYers, moving this was a no no unless we want to hire an electrician. Hmmm…..just how bad do I hate it? Pretty stinkin bad! So, we considered the options and here’s what we came up with.

Since our power company reads the meter electronically, the visibility is not important like it used to be, but it has to be accessible. Okay, that helps…we will cover it up. But, what about that color? Don’t get me wrong, I like yellow. But, this is not exactly my kind of yellow….it lands somewhere between banana and schoolbus. You almost need sunglasses to look at it!
Since the entire house will be repainted sometime this year, we got a jump on it and painted this enclosed patio section a simple white. This area will remain white since it is a defined area that we are planning to screen in…this too will happen sometime this year. Notice how casually I commit us to layered projects….my hubby is not particularly fond of this trait…one might even say that he hates it. And one would be right!

Where were we…oh yes…the paint. An improvement? I would say so.

Next, we hung a pair of fab corbels that I scored last month at First Monday for $30, they made perfect shelf brackets. And, hubby cut a shelf to fit, notching out where necessary for that ugly awful conduit.

Okay, you’re probably saying “nice shelf” but it didn’t hide a thing”. But, you only say that because you don’t know what I know. Check out this bad boy!

Admit it….it’s fabulous! Yessiree Bob! And the cost for this lil gem? Ahem, that would be -ZERO-!! How ’bout that? I’ve had this beauty for almost 10 years. The sign is likely to be with me forever. It’s rescue story…many years ago a small antique store that had been in business for decades closed the doors. Months later when I noticed a new sign going up for the new tenants, my first thought was, “What did they do with that wonderful old sign”. I turned around in the middle of the street and headed back. When I asked the sign guy what happened to the old sign, I was so sad to hear that they had thrown it away. But happy as a clam when I went around back and discovered that I beat the trash man to the dumpster! How’s that for rescue? It needn’t ever worry about being thrown out again!
Now, it will spend its’ days lounging around being admired on this shelf. Hubster hinged it from the back so it can be easily lifted for meter accessibility. I’m pleased as punch with the clever concealment for that mess!
What next? Under the sign we placed an old pie counter from a drugstore cafe, another fleamarket find that needed some help.
Once upon a time there was glass in those inserts so you could see the pies.
But, one piece of glass was gone, and the other had been painted over. So, rather than replace the glass, I removed the remaining glass and inserted these great nesting crates for storage. We also sell these at the shoppe.

Isn’t i
t fabulous repurposed into a potting table? It will also be a great outdoor server. It can be whatever my my lil heart desires. I love multi-functional repurposed vintage pieces, don’t you? Try to say that 10 times fast!
That big ol sign required something big and chunky underneath to look proportionate and I think this was its soul mate. Symmetry is not at all important to me, but scale certainly is. Next, I added in some accents…

Plants, garden accents, and a pair of industrial lights (another find from Canton First Monday) are right at home in this section of the patio.

I used an antique pickle jar to store birdseed….aren’t vintage jars fabulous!!

LaurieAnna ~ thank you so much for sharing a small tour of your home. I’m a new follower and I really enjoying seeing all of your inspiration.
Beautiful work!

LaurieAnna is hosting a giveaway AND
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Check it out!

Teen Boy's Bedroom Makeover

Jami from An Oregon Cottage submitted her son’s bedroom makeover. It’s awesome and I love the videos too! Here is her post:

Extreme Room Makeover: The Reveal

Finally, it’s time to reveal our son’s completely redecorated room! Be sure to look at the Introduction, Day One, and Days 2,3, & More to see the before video and some of the process we went through. Click HERE for her original post to see the reveal on video.

Here’s the review in pictures with commentary and the cost breakdown:

The room viewed from the doorway before.

The room from the doorway after.
The new, larger bed is now against the wall as our son has wanted for awhile (I have no idea why…). We had to move the dresser to the foot of the bed as well.

The corner of the room before, complete with overloaded shelves and desk (and floor…).

The same corner after.

This picture really shows how cool the bed is that Brian made. We had to purchase the pine for the side rails, special large bolts to hold it together (and enable it to be taken apart to get it in and out of the room), and the fancy post caps which totaled $51.96. All the other wood and the paint was from previous projects.

We found the double mattress and box spring on Craigslist for $20, so the total for the bed was $71.96.

Of course, then I needed linens to cover the mattress. Sheesh, I’ve never bought all the needed linens for a bed at one time before, it’s usually just the cover or the sheets, so it was more than I was thinking. I was hoping to find one of those “bed in a bag” type packages, but they were all funky patterns (what’s up with that?). So the total for mattress pad, sheets (including one to cover the box spring), and a comforter came to $72.23, bringing the grand total for the bed to $144.19.

The bedside table before.

Wow, the whole skirted-table look was just not working for him. We definitely needed something with at least one drawer. And that could be easily dusted.

Bedside table after.

The table with a drawer came from Target and put us back $79.99 (we already had the basket- isn’t it cool how it just fit?). Having never shopped for new furniture other than our couch and a mattress, we had no clue what a nightstand would cost. And this is fairly inexpensive in the world of new nightstands. Most were closer to $100.

And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous prices our local thrift stores (and I visited five!) were charging. Most were broken (drawers, handles, huge wood chips) and they still were asking $40 to $50 dollars. The nightstand is the area that really could’ve benefited from advanced planning.

I’ve already written about the lamp transformation, but in this picture you can also see that I used the bronze spray paint on a clay pot to hold pens and a formerly white plastic waste basket.

The closet wall before. I’m sure this is typical of teens…right? Please say yes…

Closet wall after moving the bookshelf (made by Brian) and bulletin board that I made a few years ago. See? We really don’t shop for furniture much!
I love how the creamy white paint contrasts with the light khaki walls in this photo.

Here’s a view of the inside of the closet.
We continued the floor and paint, but just used what he already had (yes, those cool vintage gym baskets were in the before picture!). We donated a ton of stuff and organized his clothes.

Now we’ll see how long it lasts.

The bookshelf and dresser before.

The dresser after.
Again, we couldn’t find a dresser better than this one, although we looked for a wood one that would be big enough and be in our budget.

So we kept this and I touched up the paint job I had done years ago (eight?). This dresser was a find on the side of the road and was so beat-up even a paint job wouldn’t have covered up it’s flaws. This is a tissue-paper technique I did and then painted and glazed (my inspiration was old 50s suitcases). Over the years the tissue paper texture had torn off in a few places which made me think it was ready to be replaced, but in the end it cleaned up pretty well.

I know this is a long post, bear with me as I share just a few more things!

I LOVE the new curtain rod ($13.99 at Target!) and how it coordinates with the light fixture I spray painted. The same curtains look new on them.

Target came through again on the rug. It’s a large 5×8, but only cost $39.99 because they called it a “remnant.” It’s just what I was looking for to cover my floor that didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped and all the other rugs this size started at $79.00. Whoo-hoo.

And you know what? The floor isn’t that bad with the furniture and rug. Only a little of it shows anyway.
And my son told me that one of his favorite things is the floor…he thinks it looks cool.
Ah…life is good.

And the total cost for the room makeover? $394.73

I was hoping to be closer to $300, but some things were just more than I anticipated (nightstand, $50 for polyurethane, and such). But I’m still happy with the outcome for less than $400, since just to recover the floor with normal carpet or wood would’ve cost about that!
I’d love to know what you think!

Jami – I think it’s awesome! I love his reaction and you did an amazing job on a tight budget! I love the textures and natural feel. It looks like a comfortable relaxing retreat! Great job!

Perfectly Imperfect – A Chair Gets A Makeover

Don’t you just love cinderella stories for chairs? This one from Shaunna at

is stunning! Here is her post:

First, let me say two things:

One, my computer is going to a new place of crazy and i’ve literally been trying to upload pictures to blogger all morning long!

Second: let me say that our house is turning into a flea market as we wait to get in our addition….there’s theater seating in the living room (creating somewhat of a circular seating arrangement), an elliptical, desk, and dresser in the entry….all that to say: These after shots are not my norm. There’s lots of background stuff, but I hope you appreciate them all the same! 🙂

Okay, drumroll…….Remember Darla? (i giggle every time i say “her” name)

She had a LOT of problems that don’t even show up in the before shots, but on to that in a minute.

Here she is this morning:

Let me say, I’m just as excited to hear what you think as I am to have her completed!! Lots of work and two battered thumbs later, I might be a little anxious for some affirmation. Just maybe. 🙂

Okay, anybody care for lots of pictures and a tutorial??

Let’s do it……let me say this before I begin: This was way more than just recovering a seat cushion. I’ve done that before and it’s a pretty straightforward job….this old gal had a LOT going on underneath her “dressing.” I posted about some of the trouble here.

One of the problems was the massive amount of prep work to be done…..I know I pulled 300 staples out of the framework from the previous reupholstery job. If you can call it that….fuzzy leopard and ric rac…..and LOADS OF GLUE.

First, I had to remove staples, and all the previous fabric. (notice the back of the seat does not come out of the frame….I was going to have to reupholster new fabric into the back cushion. Yikes.)

I also showed you the dirt dobber nest….and I love that so many of you have asked what a dirt dobber is! Sometimes I forget that there is most definitely a different culture here in the South. A dirt dobber looks exactly like a wasp…just no stinger. 🙂

There’s the lovely nest and other yuck that I cleaned up.

We removed the seat cushion (with some force, I might add),

then I had to prep the chair frame for painting. On detailed pieces with small grooves like this chair, I like to use Gloss Off to strip the surface. It’s less tricky than true paint-stripper, dries quickly, and really helps the surface “grab” the primer.

Here she is….stripped down, primed and painted two coats of Valspar’s Delicate White (one of my favorites). I did use my Wagner sprayer, but even if you don’t have a sprayer, I would recommend using some of the latex spray paints out there….it is so much easier to cover all those hard-to-reach areas and grooves. Rustoleum has lots of options, like the famed “heirloom white.”

Next up for me was to cover the bottom frame of the chair with fabric….look back at the before…it was covered in fuzzy leopard. I chose a white linen….the original upholstery was glued on so tightly, I decided it would be better to cover than to restore that part. I chose the linen to off-set the formality of the nail head trim….I felt like it would blend seamlessly as the frame, but with softer lines.

In case you have to do this one day….first, measure your chair…..length of fabric needed and
width to wrap it.

I found it easier to wrap my fabric first as a practice run to be sure I had the right amount and that I was pleased with the look.

I then moved on to the back of the chair…..again, the back did not remove.

Luckily, I was able to separate the upholstery from the frame just a bit, and used my flat cricut tool to smooth the fabric into the frame….that part was great! No stapling, glueing, or praying. 🙂

Next, move on to your seat cushion….again, pretty straightforward.

Choose your batting, and how much foam you want to add. I wanted the seat pretty comfy since this will be my desk chair, so I added 2 pre -cut foam cushions and filled in the rest (because of the angular shape of the seat) with pulled-apart batting.

Time to break out that staple gun….and get ready to use it. A lot.

I found this fabric (that I love, by the way) at on clearance for $5 a yard!!! It was normally $25 a yard; thank you! I am sure most of you brilliant ladies know this, but when you are recovering seat cushions, it’s been helpful to me to start in the corners first. At least, begin pulling there so you can control where the seams will be….I definitely wanted those in the corners. Just keep working it around and when you feel good about it, staple away!

Next, I covered the back…..this was definitely the hardest part…on my nerves and my thumbs. 🙂

I save the old fabric and cut out a piece of the new fabric 1/2 inch larger so I could fold it under for a smooth edge.

Those are my mom’s sweet hands…I asked if she would come over to watch me nail in the first upholstery tack….have I mentioned that I refinish furniture? More painting, less complicated upholstery (and I know as I say that, there’s someone out there reading who does the complicated upholstery in her sleep–go you, by the way! you can give me some good tips!)

I bought simple upholstery tacks in an antique bronze….I searched high and low for actual nailhead trim that comes in one long piece….with no luck. I was VERY nervous about the line being really crooked, but all in all, it turned out fine. Not perfect, but I love it still.

One little tip: it helped me tremedously to place each tack in partially with the rubber mallet, then use my pliers to rearrange any that “stuck out”, and then my Matt nailed them the rest of the way down with a small hammer. (I think he could see that my thumbs were literally swollen from placing each tack.)

Sweet Darla is not actually totally complete….I think I’ll add some tack trim around the arm upholstery, and possibly the very bottom of the linen. Not sure….I like the softness the linen brings.

I’ll reposition a few more tacks, and I’ve got to seal her with verathane…. I’ll post later on why that’s my favorite. And you know what else? I haven’t even screwed the seat and recovered arms back in…I was just TOO excited to show the reveal to all you guys!

Here she is next to the desk she will accompany….this is a turn of the century table I found that I’m raising to turn into a desk for the writing room. I love the idea of all that surface space!

I love all the sweet details, like the spindles at the top and the curves all along the legs.

One more shot (because I’ve clearly not given you enough 🙂

Okay, you know I’ve got to know….tell me what you think?? I hope she didn’t disappoint!! It was so much fun to restore something for my own home…I’ve been sending those pieces out the door lately. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your creativity, Shaunna and for the great tutorial! “Darla” certainly is stunning and I love her new look! You crack me up! I enjoyed reading a tutorial – is that possible? lol Beautiful job!

Estate Sale Finds + DIY Plans

I love this time of year! I found some neat items this past weekend so my DIY brain is energized.
I found this cute bistro set. $15.

Perfect for the barn patio. I’m thinking blue/green and making some cushions. I like this Waverly outdoor fabric:
but that could change. What would you do?

My barn patio is mostly whites/beiges and that robin’s egg blue little wicker stool.

I got the rest of these items at a barn/estate sale. The homeowner purchased an old boyscout camp and turned the dining hall into his home. I wanted to peek in the windows so bad but I controlled myself. It felt like miles back a bendy/dirt road but the property was so park and trail like and beautiful.

I LOVE this vintage stool! It’s for our work bench in the basement since it’s only 1.

Restoration Hardware $295:
Ours. $20 (spider webs free):
A cute little step ladder:
My daughter liked this camp chair, so I’ll swap out the fabric. You can’t tell but it’s pretty dirty.
He had the locker type baskets but wouldn’t part with them but offered me this wire basket. I have an addiction. 😉

I got a quick tour of the outside on our way to the former cook’s cabin to grab windows that weren’t broken amongst empty mouse nests. lol. I even got to see a concrete snake pit! Thankfully from a distance and hopefully empty. Waiting for a nicer sunny warm day to clean them up. Old windows $1. I’ve seen so many cute ideas with these so I’m still deciding my DIY strategy.

I‘m also working on painting my daughter’s former bedroom and swapping the bedding from another guest room (which will then lead to re-doing that room). Here is a sneak peek. I only painted one wall so far because I wanted to test the color … and then I had make the bed, etc. to see if I liked it. What do you think so far? I also have my damask Cutting Edge stencil to try in this room too! More to come.

In progress (I rescued the brass chandelier last year and gave it a spray paint makeover). Yikes! The wall looks a little bright in this picture!And if that isn’t enough on my DIY plate, I’m still working on the dining room. We got the glass top for our reclaimed barn wood table (to protect the top). Now, what is your advice/magic for convincing husband that these are the chairs WE want:
when he thinks he likes these better?
??? What’s your secret? Mix them? He likes the spindly ones for the arm chairs. I prefer the wingback. I have my work cut out for me. 😉

What are you working on?
Okay – I know there are thrifty treasure parties but I apologize! For the life of me, I can’t find them. If you’re having one, I’d love to invite myself. Just let me know. 🙂

SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

DIY Project Parade


Here are a few highlights from last week. I haven’t gotten through all of the links yet so more to come. 😉

love these numbered flower pots from Pickles and Cheese:

Flower Pots 028

Beautiful before/after table Makeover at Bunny’s Bungalow:

Another gorgeous before/after table at Cut Once Measure Twice.

Amazing bathroom transformation at Dittle Dattle:
Great tutorial for box pleat crib skirt at Pregnant With Power Tools:

The cutest little piggy bank makeover at Craftastical:

The DIY Show Off

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Thanks for linking up! I love seeing your creativity!

Style Studio – A DIY and Decorate-It-Yourself Resource

As you know, I recently purchased the Provost Plaque from Ballard Designs to fill in the space between my French doors and curtain rod in my livingroom. Click HERE if you missed the reveal.

Did you know that Ballard Design has a site called Style Studio which has decorating dilemmas and solutions, how to’s, lots of inspiration and featured designers?

ave you ever wondered who creates all those beautiful rooms you see in the Ballard Designs catalog each month? Wouldn’t that be the best job? You’ll find that there too.

Along with award winning designer Susan Kaslar who decorates an entire house just for Ballard with a House Beautiful interview. So many images of gorgeous rooms for inspiration. I love all of the rooms but this one is my favorite. We have enough room to have an eat-in-kitchen so someday, this will be my inspiration:

There is also a section where you can see Ballard products in customers’ homes. And guess what? I submitted mine and…

“Pruvost Plaque” by Roeshel

“Pruvost Plaque” by Roeshel

Roeshel has our Pruvost Plaque framing her French doors. An unexpected hanging place makes the Pruvost Plaque come alive, so naturally, we love her ingenuity!

You can also enter to win a room styled by Susan Kaslar! Details here.

The How-To Section has some tips for our favorite topic – DIY!

I think it’s an interesting and helpful site full of helpful decorating tips and beautiful inspiration. Have you seen it? What do you think?

Just for fun…if you could have anything you wanted from Ballard Designs, free-of-charge what would you choose? I daydream all the time, so I already know I’d choose this and since we’re dreaming, I’ll take 2 sets of those with a side of these.

Ps. This isn’t an advertisement! I did not get paid for this post. No specials, no discounts, no sponsorship or twisting my arm. I just wanted to share Style Studio with you.

Happy House Family Room Before & After

When it comes to great before and after makeovers, Molly from My Happy House has great style! I love seeing her transformations.

Here is her post from her most recent makeover:

Family Room: The Official Before & After

When we moved in 2 years ago (seriously it’s already been that long???), the entire house just needed some updating. I’ve shown you here, here, here, here, here and here some of the things we’ve done. I loved the family room as soon as I saw it, vaulted ceilings, the fireplace, it just seemed like a nice homey kind of room. You know, once you looked past all the bleh stuff that was in it. Take note of the lovely eat in kitchen chandelier. Nice. You can’t see it, but there are hearts on the glass parts.

Here it is when we took ownership before any work had been done.

One of our biggest tasks was installing and refinishing the hardwood floors. The family room already had wood floors, but to make sure they looked uniform with the new ones, we refinished them. Ugh. I don’t ever really want to have to do that again for the record. Phase one complete. New paint color and the floors were sanded down.

Floors finished.

Then, we replaced the windows (as we did with the rest of the house). Unfortunately, I’ve married a man with allergies, and by his mother’s suggestion, I opted for the blinds between the glass. I’m not 100% thrilled with the outcome, but I do like the fact that we can darken the room and I never have to clean the blinds! Plus, Carl built window casings for every window in the house, and you can see the change in this photo. This is pretty much how the room has looked for about 18 months or so with a few slight changes here and there. It’s definitely the room that gets used the most, so I was very anxious to get it finished!

So now, finally, drum roll please! Here it is, about 95% finished, in all it’s glory, er maybe it’s my glory? I’m pretty excited about it either way.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Painted the walls: Wool Coat by Ace- Flat
  • Refinished the wood floors: Rented equipment from HD and did the labor ourselves
  • Installed new windows & custom window casings: All done ourselves, with my father-in-law
  • Installed surround sound speakers in the ceiling

Furniture & Finishes:

  • Couch, Chair, Rug & Lamps- Pottery Barn
  • Throws and Pillows: Crate & Barrel and PB
  • Side and Coffee Tables- Handmade by Carl (you can see those here)
  • Drapes & Floating Shelves: Ikea
  • Curtain Rod: Bed, Bath & Beyond (I’ll show you a secret in another post shortly!)
  • Mantel & Shelving Accessories- Target, Hobby Lobby, PB, Ikea, Crate & Barrel & Macys

Things left to do:

  • Possibly build a sofa table for behind the sectional
  • Repaint…a little down the road- same color, maybe a shade darker
  • Move the shelves over to make them more centered

Molly – YAY! It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more about the window casings since it’s something on my DIY list. The color and new furniture are gorgeous. I love the floating shelves too. The entire room looks beautiful, bigger and more comfortable. You did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

Want to see more of Molly’s home, click over to My Happy House to check it out. She chooses beautiful colors throughout her rooms and you’ll love her Tackle It Tuesday feature!

Beautiful Bathroom Makeover and More – Casa Brasi

I‘d like to introduce you to another amazing DIY’er! I love this bathroom makeover from Amanda at Casa Brasi. The color with the black accents is stunning. Here is her post:

We closed on our house in August 2007. Since then, the room in the house that has seen the least decorating action is our half-bath. It’s a real shame too because it’s one of the rooms that gets used the most. For starters it’s the only bathroom on the first floor, so we use it all the time, but more importantly our guests use it when they come to visit!
When it came to decorating this bathroom, I was stumped. We painted the walls. Fine. No sparks. I painted the cabinet black last year. It then matched the mirror, but other than that…still no sparks, no vision, no nothing.
It wasn’t until we had the old countertop replaced with granite that it hit me. I knew exactly what to do.
Half Bath Before:

Inspirational Granite:

This granite is not the same as the granite in the kitchen. It’s more striped and has a lot more brown/gray in it. As soon as the granite was installed, I could tell right away that the walls had to go. They looked entirely too gold against it. The question then became: what color should I paint the walls? I mean I knew it should be gray of some sort, but there are a million grays out there. Then I remembered that I had ordered a sample pot of Mouse’s Back by Pratt & Lambert. I tested it out on the walls. In one word: perfection.

On Saturday I went to Lowe’s to have P&L’s Mouse’s Back color matched into a Valspar paint. I did this because (1) Lowe’s is closer than the guy who sells Pratt & Lambert paint and (2) Pratt & Lambert paint is more expensive than Valspar paint. While I was at Lowe’s, I also picked up a new light fixture (way overdue although not as bad as my master bathroom lights. Just wait till you see those.)
Sunday, I painted the bathroom. Oh, and I wired the light fixture. All by myself! House is still standing. Painter, electrician. Whatev.

Then I got to work on the art. A few weeks ago I went to my local Old Time Pottery and found two 16×20 frames (double mat). $10.00 each. Awesome price. Not awesome color. So I painted them.
They started out this color:

And ended up this color:

This sketch is of a local landmark. I got two different ones at a local antique store for $3.00 each.
Last night I put it all back together.
Half Bath After:

My apologies for the toilet seat being up! It was the best picture so I had to post it.

Better, huh? Not finished though. Working on a little DIY I plan to share with you shortly.


Gorgeous photography and more creativity and inspiration. If you get a chance, pop over and check things out. Don’t you love making new friends?

Thanks for sharing Amanda! 😉

Today's Thrifty Treasures

In order to participate in one of my favorite parties,

SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

I’m sharing my latest thrifty treasures. If you’re a regular follower, you’ve seen a few already but it’s a party. You don’t mind, do you? Besides there are a few you haven’t seen yet. 🙂

This wire basket is an older find, but when playing dress up with our new made over living room, I put it on the coffee table. Mr. DIY said “it looks like a flea market.” I said “thank you”! haha! I’m sure he meant it as a compliment! I like it here but I change this decor out on a weekly basis since I love fresh flowers.

I scored a bunch of vintage boxes and crates at an estate sale. Is it a little obvious that I love them?

Then there are these ones.

I‘m not 100% these one will stay here…they’re a little too vintage for the back entry furniture but for now…I’m enjoying looking at them until a better location comes to mind. I’m fickle that way anyway and move things around often. Redecorating is the reward to ‘cleaning’, right?

And this old fan for $10 which works too well. It scares me with it’s industrial strength, metal blades and room for fingers but I love the look. We just leave it unplugged. If there comes a time when we need it, we’ll use extra caution. I like all of my fingers intact.
Oh and this thrifty find from previous owners. An ugly brown unloved peg hook/coat rack which I rediscovered and painted for our bathroom.

I have a few more thrifty treasures I got just this past weekend too but you’ll have to wait to see the transformation. Always a DIY project in the works. or two or three. 🙂

So, have you found any thrifty treasures recently?


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