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What?! I have other interests? You bet! By the name of my blog, DIYShowOff, it’s obvious that DIY keeps me busy! It sure does! It’s become a career that I adore. I love sharing do-it-yourself ideas and creating an inviting home that reflects beauty and comfort. However, I’d like to share with you my other passion too:

Young Living Distributor #1836762 

Healthy living. YOUNG LIVING. I know, I know! Maybe you’ve seen this everywhere you turn. Ever wonder why? Here’s more about my personal experience and why it may be the perfect choice for you too!

Why me? Main reason:  Someone close to me is fighting cancer. I always thought that meant fighting the disease. I was wrong. It means fighting to maintain the will to live/to not give up. Watching, helpless, breaks my heart. I’m not a doctor but I will do whatever it takes to help those I love, anything to find ways to alleviate the side effects from “treatment to get better”. Severe depression, pain, nausea, infection, weakened immune system, constant fatigue – those are the things I’m aiming to relieve by turning to 100% pure/potent therapeutic grade essential oils. It’s why I’ve chosen Young Living.

More reasons: I struggle with anxiety nearly daily. It’s annoying, frustrating and disheartening. And to the point where I’d try anything to manage the panic attacks that affect my decisions, daily life and participation in social events. Three first degree family members diagnosed with breast cancer in the past three years (with no prior family history) and seeing their struggles from side effects of pharmaceutical therapies and surgeries. The list goes on for our family:

  • preventative care
  • anxiety
  • severe cramps
  • migraines and headaches
  • insomnia and snoring
  • arthritis
  • muscle pain
  • poison ivy and other allergies
  • nausea
  • flea/tick prevention for pets
  • chronic pain
  • husband’s joy of cooking
  • my OCD with cleaning
  • natural beauty regimen
  • my daughters’ interests in non GMO/organic diets, etc.
  • emotional well being
  • alleviating cancer treatment side effects
  • smoking cessation

Essential Oils

Not to mention I want my home to be pretty and to smell good too! If there is something natural that can potentially help my family (even just by diffusing it into the air we breathe) as well as promote wellness for myself and those I love,

Count me in! 

Using essential Oils: 

  • Lavender applied to a burn (curling iron gets me every time). Instant relief!
  • Applied lavender to my wrists and feet for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Rolled Stress-Away on my husband’s neck and shoulders after a long day of work (relaxing!).
  • Diffused Joy (happy!) (also works as a natural deodorant) for a mood booster during the day, diffused Peace & Calming for unwinding in the evening (also calmed a barking dog), diffused lemon for energy in the morning.
  • I’ve shared Peace & Calming with my sister before one of her appointments, and Stress-Away to a bipolar friend.
  • I applied Purification to a blemish and Frankincense to wrinkles.
  • Created a batch of bug spray for my mosquito-magnet husband and it worked! No DEET and it’s safe to use on my dog too! 
  • PanAway to soothe achy muscles and joints. 

young living at diyshowoff.com7 sleepy time essential oils @diyshowoff Young Living #1836762

Refreshing Berry Smoothie Recipemocha mint smoothieYoung Living Citrus Essential Oils gift idea @diyshowoff

And you know what? I am so super excited that these all natural products are now going to be a part of our every day lives! I can’t wait to replace beauty products, cleaning supplies, nearly everything in our medicine cabinet and to whip up some yummy recipes! Learn more about essential oils at Young Living.

Sound like something you’d be interested in too?  

Young Living Wholesale Distributor FAQ

Why Should I Become A Wholesale Member?

This is the way to get your oils at 24% off retail price! That’s a HUGE difference in price. As you use the oils and you share your testimonials with friends and family, you have the option {100% OPTIONAL!} of earning commissions when others join and purchase Young Living oils. Win-win! Once you start using these and share your experience, friends and family will be interested too. Why not earn a check while you’re at it?!

Is there a monthly order minimum?

No. You can just order what you need when you need it! Awesome!

I just really want to use oils myself. Do I ever have to sell Young Living products?

This is fine! There is no obligation at all to sell oils when you join as a wholesale member. In fact, I don’t sell oils. I simply share how they work to change our life and show others how to get them too. If and when you do sign someone up (no obligation), the product is shipped directly to them! No collecting orders or money, no delivering products! 

Are you sure there are no monthly order requirements?

To retain an active ’wholesale member’ account, you have to place one 50PV {approx. $50} minimum order per year. If you miss that deadline, you can reactivate your account by calling Young Living Customer Care with a 100PV (point volume) order. Sometimes, as a promotion, they even waive this minimum order requirement to reactivate. But again, this is just to keep active status. There is NO, zilch, zero, REQUIREMENT. 

If someone wants to join Young Living through me, what do I give them?

When you join, you will be assigned your own ‘wholesale member number’ to give to your friends and family who are interested in joining as well. 

Is there a way to save even more money? 

Yes! The Essential Rewards program offers reduced shipping, generous credit for free oils & more!  Plus each month there are great promotions for free oils when you place an Essential Rewards order. I did not do this when I started, but now I do because it works for me! Plus, I love free stuff, and I am getting plenty of it. 

What is the catch?

There is none. Period. I do make a commission from the company when you make your purchase. That motivates me to share but the main reason I share Young Living oils is because they’re changing our life and I want others to see the benefit too. 

Feeling overwhelmed? There are TONS of resources and support: When signing up, I’m here to help you make the most of your essential oil experience. You can call or email me anytime. If you’re local, I hold classes at my home or if you’d like to hold classes, I’m here to assist. If you sign up as a wholesale distributor, I’ll purchase a reference guide for you as well as be in contact with Facebook groups and links to a lot more information to help you get started. Young Living has been around for 20 years so even just Googling “Young Living” with “headache” (or any other ailment, recipe, remedy, etc.) will bring up a lot valuable information to make the most of introducing Young Living to your life and home.

Young Living team at

How do I get these oils?

Follow the directions below on how to join!

Sign Me Up!

1. CLICK HERE to begin the enrollment process. It’s super easy to get started! 

2. I highly recommend the Wholesale Membership. There are NO strings attached for being a wholesale member. You aren’t required to order monthly. Awesome! If you’d prefer to choose ‘retail customer’, you will not receive the 24% discount and you won’t have access to the starter kits. If you’d like to, contact me first and I’ll go over the order process with you as well as include a few freebies!!!

3. Make sure my member number 1836762 is in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots. It should automatically show on the enrollment form.

4. Be sure to include your email address. If you don’t, I have no way to invite you to the Oily Family Facebook support group and I can’t support you as you begin your journey with essential oils. This support is vital for empowering you to use the oils to the fullest. There is a wealth of information to get you started! 

5. Choose the kit you want. (I recommend the premium starter kit…a $300 value, every day essential oils collection to get you started AND a diffuser!) Then proceed to check out. You can skip the Essential Rewards part for now or join right away – remember to contact me if you have any questions on the sign up process or anytime after. 

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

Note: Completely optional but here are a few other things I’d recommend adding to your first order: V6 (a carrier oil used to dilute or spread your essential oils further), sample bottles (used for giving a few samples to friends and family). If you have questions, let me know! 

6. That’s all! Your oils will be on their way to your home!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with me via email at When you sign up using my member number, I will become your sponsor. That means I earn a commission but it also means that we’ll work closely together! One thing I really love about the business opportunity side in addition to the essential oil benefits is all of the support and information. I’ve been soaking it in. If it feels a little overwhelming at first, I’m here to help! I promise there is so much information, assistance and resources that you won’t be left hanging. I want this to be successful venture (if that’s the direction you’d like to go too) and improved lifestyle we both enjoy. I’m dedicated to making it happen and look forward to getting to know you! Thank you for enrolling as a ‘wholesale member’ via my links!

CLICK HERE to begin the enrollment process. It’s super easy to get started!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

young living at diyshowoff.com7 sleepy time essential oils @diyshowoff Young Living #1836762

Refreshing Berry Smoothie Recipemocha mint smoothie

Young Living Citrus Essential Oils gift idea @diyshowoff

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