DIY Show Off – Living Room Before and After Reveal

LivingRoom Transformation:  Here it is when we bought our home. Before, at time of closing:
Lots of strange angled corners to work with.
We repurposed this mirror by taking it down and framing it (more details here). It hangs in our back entry way.
The white walls were painted wallpaper. Fun!
We also tore out the nasty carpet and refinished the wood floors.
Then, I always wanted a red room. So – I painted the room red. It wasn’t quite what I pictured but I really loved it for a little bit. Excuse the mess. Some of these I snapped right before I began painting.
We installed French doors between the living room and family room.
We mounted the tv above the fireplace…I’m not sure if you can tell, but there aren’t a lot of options (wall 1=staircase, wall 2 = entry to hall and built-in shelving, wall 3 = French doors, wall 4 window/fireplace/window). It’s really not too high for viewing. We’ve adjusted to it being there. Our wood burning fireplace isn’t used at this time (another future project). Since behind the fireplace is a brick chimney and the walls are plaster, I currently hide the wires with garland (upcoming project to build up the fireplace surround will take care of that problem). Brick? Someday we’ll replace it with marble and I got a dirty look when I suggested we paint it. Mr. DIY does not like painted brick.
It didn’t take long before I didn’t grew tired of dark red. The room wasn’t getting any light. It just didn’t “feel” like the right color.
Here it is today:
Color is Benjamin Moore Smoky Taupe. It changes color in different lighting.
Mr. DIY’s leather chair has been replaced with another leather chaise. Compromise.
Updated pictures below.
My thrift store find – wine corks.
Vintage French linen pillows – Restoration Hardware
French pediment – Ballard (I plan on adding more trim to the French door to fill in the gap)
It’s weathered and says “Flanders Sweet Shop”
Drapery is from Target and Ebay. I ordered an extra panel to lengthen them. I love them framing the French doors.
I scored a bunch of vintage boxes and crates at an estate sale (3 are the same found at Pottery Barn for $24. I paid $8 ea!). This little box holds the remote controls.
Wall art from Tips for hanging a wall gallery.
My style? You’ll see that I have a bit of interior design ADD. French, vintage, traditional, farmhouse and so on but the thing I love about designing my own space is that I can decorate with things I love and I don’t have to follow any rules. And we’re obviously not minimalists. It’s for us, not for a decorating magazine, right? We love how much taller and bigger the room looks and our mix of decorating styles works for us. I’d love new furniture but it’s not in the budget and this set from the 90s is in excellent shape. It works for now.
A few updated photos/fall decorated…
French doors in living room

aged, vintage inspired wall letters
What do you think?
gallery wall, thrift store wall art, console table, stair wall, living room
eclectic traditional living room

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DIY Show Off – Budget Friendly Guest Bedroom Before and After

First Floor Guest Bedroom: (THIS IS THE BEFORE.)


My desk is a farmhouse style table and I sewed a table skirt to hide the wires and computer hardware:

Here’s my chandelier too:
NOW (after) it’s a guest room! See the full reveal HERE.
Stripped of everything shown above:
Now after painting the floor, installing new baseboard trim, painting and mostly all thrift store, flea market and junk store finds:
painted guest bedroom floor meets painted guest bathroom floor
stenciled/painted floor:
still need curtains!
view from the dining room:
(thanks to Butch for installing the light fixture for me!)

Few updates:

ladder turned magazine/throw holder

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DIY Show Off - FacebookDIY Show Off - TwitterDIY Show Off - PinterestDIY Show Off - Feed

DIY Project Parade

How was your weekend?  Productive?  Definitely here…so productive in fact that I’m ready for Monday to be Saturday so I can have a weekend!  Anyone reading have magical powers to make that happen?  No?  Doesn’t hurt to ask or dream.  But here is one of the things I checked off my DIY To-Do list this weekend:
My Decorative Plate Wall…
I put up some decorative plates although I’ll be taking them back down to re-paint the dining room walls  (dining room makeover in the works!) but sometimes I can’t wait to see how something looks…do you get that way?  We’ll call it eager.  Not impatient.  🙂
The plates I made are strictly decorative.   I printed my images onto Avery 8 1/2 x 11 inch clear mailing labels.

I found a bowl that was the right shape of the flat part of the plate.  I traced the image on the clear mailing label (centering around the image) and cut it out.

Peel off the paper backing and place onto the center of the plate.
Easy, right? 
Rub out the bubbles.
If there is a stubborn bubble, use an xacto knife to make a small slit and rub again…bubble gone!
I‘m sure by now you’ve heard of dischangers to hang plates.  They make it so easy. I love that you can’t see a brassy plate hanger.  They’re reasonably priced and easy to use too!

Disc Hangers from $1.00
Using a finger, wet the back to activate the glue.  Place on the back of the plate (if you have a design on the front, make sure that it’s place appropriately).  Let dry over night.
To hang my plates, I laid out a pattern that I liked on the back of a sheet of wrapping paper.  I traced them and labeled them so I’d know where each plate goes (to use as a guide after the nails are in the wall).
My wall is plaster.  I used a pen to mark onto the wall through the wrapping paper where the nail would go.  Then I mark a dot on a piece of tape and line it up with the hole on the wall then hammer into the tape. Using tape with a very sharp tiny black nail (I think it’s actually an upholstery tack), ensures that chunks of my plaster wall don’t crumble.  Remove the tape once the nail is in place.
And finally – my wall of plates!
Tip:  If you note that your dischanger is crooked with the design on the front of your plate, use a small piece of poster-tacky-stuff on the back to straighten it on the wall.  I may be speaking from experience.  I’m sure you noted that with my technical term “poster-tacky-stuff”…maybe.
What do you think?  I love this look.  Is it original?  Nope.  But it IS original to my friends and family and that’s who sees it.  🙂 

As I mentioned, my plates are purely decorative and this would work for plates that can’t be heated  and only dusted with a dry cloth but Jenn from Rook No. 17 discovered an amazing product for using transfer images on ceramic dishes.  Check out her post here.  Speaking of Jenn, chose this as the winner of the Gorilla Glue Giveaway:

Congratulations Jenn! It’s your lucky day!  🙂


So…care to share your DIY project?  I’d love to see it! 

SHOW IT OFF!  What did you DIY lately?
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