Closet to Mudroom

I love when closets become new fun spaces – little rooms like my cloak room makeover and Gwenny Penny’s sewing/craft space featured earlier in the week.  Take a look at Amy from The Mistress of Oxford‘s closet turned entryway mudroom!


They have a row of three closets on one wall. They needed a functioning space in the entryway so they retiled for the space, took the doors off and made a half wall. They relocated the light switch for a pass through and the closet turned mudroom/entryway was born. 

See all of the progress at the Mistress of Oxford Part I and Part II.

Antique leaded window = $40
(We installed 3 individual hooks)

Entryway bench = $75 KohlsWicker baskets = $20 ($10/basket) Pier OnePillow = $12 HomeGoodsRug = $15 HomeGoodsLetter “S” (pictured above) = $6 HomeGoods

Cast iron hook = $15 Elements (Local décor store)

Keyholder = $8 HomeGoods (This is on the wall next to the entryway)

Don’t you love it?! When there’s 3 closets in a hallway, what a great idea to make one into a functional entryway space to put on shoes, hang keys and store a purse or backpack!  Great idea and beautiful job, Amy!  Thank you so much for sharing!  It really
makes a beautiful change – lightening and opening up the area.  Love the bench and decor too!

Inspired to Organize – edited to add reading nook.

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”  ~ A. A. Milne 

With the new year, the buzz is all about organization.  After taking down holiday decor, everything feels so de-cluttered so it’s only natural that motivation to get everything organized hits you like a contagious disease but it’s energizing instead.  As you know we finally organized our coat and shoe closet recently.  It was a chaotic mess with no purpose. Now coats, boots, shoes, scarves and hats have a place to call home.  Do shoes and coats and junk piling by the entryway get you stressed?  Maybe not in a ‘the world is coming to an end’ sort of way but it is stressful when things aren’t put away in their proper place or there isn’t a place for things to be assigned.  

Getting started is the hardest part but in no time, I was cleaning our and de-cluttering the rest of our back entry way and was done in less than an hour.  Tell yourself you’ll just do one small drawer.  Empty it, sort and start putting things where they belong.  Before you know it, you’ll have three drawers done instead of one.  I always trick myself with making a small goal. The trick is getting yourself to “START”.  Instead of looking at the BIG overwhelming picture of organizing your entire home or even a whole room, start small and say “I’m just going to clean up this little area.”  Once you get started, you’ll want results and do more than just that one small task.
Keys, change, cell phones have a designated and assigned area near the door with this organizer I made a couple of years ago (yes – we still use it!).  Key Keeper Tutorial

We chose furniture that allowed for extra storage.  I love decorating the console table but it’s the drawers and shelf that allow us to know where certain things are.  The top drawer holds take out menus, batteries, spare change, etc. 
The faux-apothecary chest is a great place for my summer shoes (my boots are in the coat/shoe closet).  
The drawers up top serve as a place for gloves and extra sets of keys.  Sometimes I’ll use a drawer to hide a few odds and ends during a ‘quick clean’ to corral little stuff until I have time to sort it.  Wooden boxes under a bench provide more storage and the bench is the perfect place to sit and pull on shoes.
Do you have an organized entry area in your home?  We actual enter through the door in the kitchen right now as it’s closest to our parked cars but I’m still able to redirect coats and shoes to be put away instead of piling near the door.  No mess. No stress.  🙂
Have a clean up/organization post to show off?  Link up and share!  

I’m joining the party at

Organize and Decorate Everything

I’m back!  THIS is why it takes me longer than usual to organize:

I start out small.  “Just sort and put things away” I tell myself (you know you talk to yourself too, right?!).  Then I get carried away with the need to freshen things up, redecorate, rearrange and move things from room to room and before I know it, I have a new reading nook!  Let the above pictures serve as the before.  This is my after:

It’s sort of a reward for being motivated to clean up.  😉  However…warning:  This means you’ll mess up the adjoining room in an effort to redecorate and have to start all over again in there. 


Tragic Sensation – Behind Green Doors

Dramatic blog post title?!  Well, that’s what it is. A dramatic tale of a tragic entry turned sensational!

The Blog:  Tragic Sensation

The Project:  Painting front door chartreuse!

It IS dramatic.  In an awesome way.

I am in love with these doors.  The chartreuse was a bold choice but it definitely makes a stunning statement….

because the doors before

were really quiet and said hi.  Now they welcome you with a smile and a “Hello!”

More pictures and steps at Tragic Sensation.  I love the wreaths too.  And the fleur de lis.  Talk about a grand entrance!  🙂

The Nest on the Hill

One of my most favorite things = old homes.  Not that I don’t love new homes!  Some days I’d trade old and drafty for new and energy efficient in a heart beat but being a DIY girl and owner of an old farmhouse, recycling and fixing up something already built is my passion.  So, imagine my excitement when I “met” blogger Shannon from The Nest on the Hill.  They are making their 1914 Victorian home theirs.  Since June, they’ve been DIY-crazy and doing a beautiful job.  Here are some before and afters!

Front porch, door and landscaping before


Hallway and Stairs Then
Hallway and Stairs Now
Living Room Then
Living Room Now
Dining Room Then
Dining Room Now
Master Bedroom Then
Master Bedroom Now
Upstairs Bathroom Then
Upstairs Bathroom Now

  • I love how fresh the front door area is with the new mailbox and how neat landscaping is now. It’s so welcoming!
  • Carpet on the stairs before 2, finished wooden stairs after 10!
  • Bare and no personality in the livingroom before.  Modern and comfortable after place to relax now!
  • Boring dining room to WOW! 
  • Master bedroom:  Plain Jane to Fun and Colorful! What a wonderful way to wake up everyday.
  • All white clean slate in the upstairs bath to oo-la-la spa.  Check out that tub now!
Shannon & Dan – you two are doing a super job!  Keep up the good work! I love seeing the progress and I think you have the perfect name for your blog.  The old Victorian is transforming into your Nest on the Hill!  A labor of love and the rewards are big! 


Stop back! I’ll be doing a CSN giveaway in honor of the DIY Show Off readers.  I appreciate you so much!  Your support when I started this blog about our DIY journey was so helpful.  Especially when we tend to look at what’s not done, you remind us to celebrate what we have done instead.  I love seeing your creativity and DIY projects.  You’re so talented!  You’re always so quick to offer comfort.  You worried right beside me about Niski when she was paralyzed and your prayers = miracle. She’s walking.  Your thoughts and prayers for peace for my dad and family through this sad time mean the world to us.  Since I can’t offer you an individual thank you gift, this giveaway is the best way I know to celebrate YOU.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Foyer Transformation

The transformation you’re about to see is a beautiful! transformation right before your eyes! Pretty but outdated wallpaper to light beautiful simplicity.  That’s the results of the hard working team at With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.  
Here it is before:
Lucky L – the wallpaper came off in less than 2 hours for her!
Wallpaper – gone!

After stripping the wallpaper and scrubbing the walls, she have spackled and primed the walls, painted the walls and gave all of the trim two fresh coats of paint. I love the new color and fresh white trim!

These once carpet covered stairs got a new look!  Don’t you love the detail?  So unique and pretty!

But L cracks me up!  The design reminds her of a peering man with a mustache after staring at the design so often while applying it.  Things like that happen to me too! She couldn’t live with twelve angry men looking at her each time she went up the steps, so she covered it all up with primer and paint, re-measured the center and stamped them with this pretty fleur de lis.

Some more DIY skills, creative thinking and  finishing touches (see her original post here)…

Looks like a photo straight out of House Beautiful to me.  Don’t you love the fresh new updated look? I love her decorating and accents. Walking in the front door every day must put a smile on her face.  🙂

Wainscoting and Picture Frame Molding

I love this DIY project at Impatiently Praying for Patience! Here is Katie’s post:


One more project is complete…Hallelujah! So lets go back and remember how boring the foyer looked before.
Then we started to put up wainscotting.
Then we got the wainscoting up.
Then we got it painted.
Then last but certainly not least Mr. Genius finished the wainscoting for the rest of the foyer!!!!
Sorry about the bad photos…it started raining when I finally had a minute to take the pictures. Not that I am a photographer or anything but I do know that natural light makes it look so much better.
We…meaning Mr. Genius…put some more boards up the staircase. I like it even better.
I am really happy with how it looks!

I Love it Katie! Once I learn how to use the miter saw – I’m considering it!
Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

Do you think it’d look good here in my living room? Here is a picture of mine:


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Decorating Obsessed

I can’t thank Ashley from Decorating Obsessed enough for sharing so many of her before and after DIY projects. I can’t decide which I love more. They’re all awesome. Here, see what I mean then click her button above to visit her blog – and see the rest of her beautiful home!

My Buffet

I have a couple of touch-ups to do, but other than that – my buffet is done! Now I just need to buy some white candles. 🙂 Before: After: Painting furniture is actually really easy. I have been painting furniture since I was a kid (Yes, seriously. I could never decide what color or pattern my dresser should be – so paint became my friend at an early age). The Process My best tip is to find furniture that is structurally in good condition, and the rest can be altered easily. I do a light sanding on whatever I’m painting (just rough it up), and then a thorough sanding to the top of the piece (that’s the area that usually receives the most wear). Once all the sand dust is off your furniture – paint away. I’m a no primer and no oil-based paint kind of girl myself. Oil-based paint definitely has it place, especially when painting tile, but other than that I would prefer something less smelly. Plus, latex is just so much easier to work with. Primer also does have it’s place. I would recommend using primer if you are going from black to white (or any other extreme changes), because it will save you time in the end. Paint anywhere you have to use a small brush first, then do whatever rolling is needed. Doing it the other way, can start altering your rolling pattern and look sloppy. Paint For the buffet, I used Glidden’s Black Onyx. This is the first time I’ve used Glidden, and I thought it covered wonderfully. My best tip for picking paint is to keep it all the same. No matter how many coats you do, at some point paint will chip – and you want to know exactly what you used, so you can just do touch ups, and not an entire new coat. This also makes it easier, when you find additional things to paint. That way there’s no confusion later on. Everything that is black is just one color. Finish There really isn’t a wrong answer for what type of finish to use. I personally prefer satin, because that’s the shine most store-bought furniture has. Her Entryway: The painting is done! Now I just need to clean the floors in there. Before: After:Bathroom Makeover: Well, it’s not 100% done, but it’s done for now. Here it is: Before:


The wall color is Behr’s Grass Cloth.

Close Ups: The “before” hinges crack me up – it looks like they have little wings on them. I have the same hinges in the half bath – I can’t wait to get rid of them.

I finally have art for the bathroom. This was a Christmas present from my parents, and I absolutely love it.
Stairs Transformation: I had a simple plan for today – tear out the carpet on the hallway stairs. Then voila – hardwood floors to enjoy. Here’s what I didn’t know, when I started this project: – This carpet runner, is nothing but scraps. Each stair is its own piece of carpet, which equals 3 tac strips per step and at least 50 staples per stair. – While I pulled on some carpet to make sure the wood was okay, apparently the spot I looked at was a fluke – the wood is unfinished. – The unfinished wood is blessed with random paint spots all over it. So you can witness the joy: Because of the extreme amount of staples, each stair is taking about an hour to do. My hands are swollen and hurt to move – I am so done for the night. This is how far Brent and I got. So, the new plan (which hopefully includes having this mofo done by our housewarming party on the 21st): – Tear off the rest of the carpet and de-staple the stairs (Monday and Tuesday) – Sand the stairs – this will help the paint situation I have going on and it will also rough up the finished paint of the stairs (Wednesday) – Stain the stairs (Friday night) – Paint the back of the stairs white (Sunday) I have never stained anything before, and I have to admit that I’m slightly terrified. But I guess if it’s terrible, it can always be sanded done again. Overall, I think it turned out really well. Before: After:
My tips… – Spend the extra $10 and buy the conditioner. This helps limit the blotchiness that can happen while staining. – When staining and using the polyurethane – move quickly. Both these products change consistency quickly when they start to dry, making them more difficult to work with. Because of this, I felt more comfortable using a smaller brush, because I had more control of it – so I could be fast and not so sloppy. – Second coats doesn’t necessarily make things darker – time is the biggest factor. It’s better to do 1 15-minute coat instead of 2 10-minute coats. Projects for later… – Paint the handrail – Tear out the carpet in the hallway and stain away.

Great job on EVERYthing Ashley and thanks so much for sharing! First, how cute are those dogs?! I love the way the painted doors brighten up the entryway. The stairs look amazing! The bathroom is GORGEOUS. The color and accessories are so fun. The buffet is stunning!

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The World Spins Madly On – Mudroom and More

In case you didn’t get to check out this mudroom makeover from the last DIY Show & Tell party, I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Karli from The World Spins Madly On did an amazing job. I LOVE the new mudroom. I know you will too. Here is her post:

Mudroom Before and After

I’ve been taking a ton of pictures while we do this whole house renovation thing and since things are really starting to feel ‘finished’ in a few places I thought I’d share a few photos.
First up, the front door and entryway/mudroom.
We started with a nice white door and royal blue window panes.

Not terrible, but certainly not what I had in mind.
Ahhhh, much better.

~Keep in mind, many of these pictures were taken a while ago, which is my excuse for pumpkins being on the front porch!~

When we open the door you’ll find many, many changes.

First I’ll show you a bit of the floor as it used to be.

You’ll notice the carpet. Ewwwwww. Imagine the water and mud and dirt and everything else that was in that carpet. Yuck.

This is the only photo I have of the floor ‘before’ because it was one of the very first things I tore out.

We decided to go with a dark but neutral tile that we found at Home Depot.

I love it. We (and by we I mean my super talented cousin Elana) laid the tile in an offset pattern and I really love that it’s a little different than what most people do.

The wall of the mudroom were covered in a plastic-ish something that did NOT want to come off.

And there were hooks everywhere. Functional? Yes. Functional and beautiful? Not quite.

So I pulled off the hooks and shelves….

…. and patched the walls for paint.

And my favorite part of the ‘before’?

The yellow/brown/orange window leading from the mudroom to the main part of the house.

Gorgeous isn’t she?

So the steps went as followed:
– Replace carpet with tile flooring
– Remove hooks and shelves and patch walls
– Paint
– Add beadboard (on top of blue-ish stuff cause it won’t come off)
– Remove brownish/yellow/orange window
– Enlisted Kaelen (awesome brother) to make a built in ‘locker’ system
– Decorate!!!

Here are some of the ‘afters’!!!

And…look how she makes some simple changes with BIG results using fabric. Take a look:


The wall was bare and needed a punch, plus the molding near the ceiling stops right in the middle of the room? Don’t ask me why.

With a few tips from The Nester and some of this…

We get this…


Ahhhhh! So much better, no?

I liked it so much I decided to do the same thing in my bedroom.

Remember this post when I talked about how I thought the long wall behind my bed needed something more?


Not bad, but in need of somthing more…


Ahhh, just what it needed!

Thanks for sharing Karli! Everything is JUST AWESOME! 🙂


I‘m going to host a weekly DIY party on Mondays!
Stay tuned for more details. You’re invited!

Frugal Home Design

Fawn from Frugal Home Design has an awesome blog with one of my favorite labels – “DIY”! If you haven’t stumbled across it yet, now is your chance. Here are two projects I absolutely love.

I love her book display! I want to make one for my home. I don’t have kids but we do have magazines all over the place. This would be such a great idea for organizing most recent magazine issues too.

$20 DIY Book Display-4 Shelves

I have FINALLY found a solution to the great book storage problem.

I have a 2 year-old and 3 year-old (non-readers) so when they want to read a book they pull every book out to see the front! Not to mention, they didn’t know how to put them back standing up with all the backs facing out. It was making me crazy. I have tried several options (THIS, THIS, THIS). Nothing was working, until I saw this on Ohdeedoh
I was in love. They used something similar to the Ribbia Picture Ledge from Ikea. We don’t have an Ikea near us and I didn’t want to pay $ 20 dollars per shelf. I thought it looked like a pretty easy DIY so I went for it.

Off to Home Depot I went. I wanted 4-36 inch shelves. Here is my shopping list…for a total of $20.

4-6 foot 1×3
2-6 foot 1×2

I asked the nice guy at Home Depot to cut them to length for me then we were out the door. I already had the other materials I needed: wood glue, nail gun with nails, and caulk.

First step, attach 2 1×3’s together with wood glue and nails.

Step two, attach the 1×2 to the front, again using wood glue and my awesome nail gun.

Last steps:caulk, fill nail holes, and paint. Easy Peasy.

I attached the shelves to the wall with 3″ screws into studs. I love them and it has renewed the kids interest in their books, but best of all, the kids can pick out and pick up their books with ease.

The lion mask in the above picture was made by my mom.

This is another one of her projects and it is exactly my style and something I plan to do in my home too. Fawn – thanks so much for the inspiration and helpful tutorial. I LOVE your motivation:

Board and Batten Entryway/Coat Rack

So I live in a house built in the 90’s with no character to speak of. Slowly but surely I am trying to make it feel more comfortable and give a more character. This was my first attempt at board and batten. I absolutely love it and I definitely want to do more treatments like it in my house.

This is the entry we started with. It doesn’t really have room for much. Both the front door and closet door open to the wall, limiting space immensely. I have tried several things, but nothing really worked.

Inspired by these beautiful pictures and wonderful tutorial from Karla and Will at It’s The Little Things That Make a House a Home I finally figured out what I needed to do to my entry (and now I had my nail gun I got for my birthday) so it was time to get started.

So I came up with a plan that looked like this–very professional.

Then off to Home Depot I went to purchase my primed MDF, came home and got to work.

It is amazing I can get anything done with these two rugrats running around “helping” me. I love this picture because it truly depicts what happens when I (and probably most of you) get involved in a project. The house gets trashed. And yes, my son is wearing a skirt, but in his mind it is his superhero belt.

I did this project back in November so I don’t remember exactly how much it cost, but I think about $4o. I absolutely love it.

Now some new tile and a pendant light fixture and I will be completely happy.

Frugal Home Ideas

says she’s fairly new to blogging, but I say she’s a pro at before/after and DIY! From the moment I laid eyes on her before/afters, I couldn’t wait to share with you. Check out her blog post:


You can see how I created my wall art here.
Front Living Room
You can see how I did this CRAZY EASY Wall art here
Did you know you can spray paint blinds? Holy Moly!
Living / Dining Combo
Don’t you just love the use of orangy wood and gallons and gallons of poly?
Okay, I don’t know why my sectional looks purple in photos. I really have to upgrade my camera situation, because these pictures are really bad.
See how I made these mirrors here ($40), and how to do this wall treatment here ($35)
It still needs some major work (and a new vent a hood), but at least you don’t have to shield your eyes from the blindingly (is that a word?) shiny orangy-oak cabinets.
On the list is to get a new backsplash. I will discuss my backsplash disaster and why there is a baseboard on my countertop in a future post.
Stay tuned for future posts about how I made those floating shelves (and frames) for under $10
and how I made that collection of framed animal prints for under $20 (including frames)
Master Bedroom
This is actually beadboard wallpaper on the walls
See… beadboard

Hope you enjoyed my home tour. You can look at the befores and afters of our first home flip (1916 craftsman bugalow) here.

AMAZING! So much DIY tutorials and before/afters in one post! Heaven!

Stef! I sure did enjoy the tour (and your first home flip) and I can’t wait to see future projects. You are a DIY superhero! Great job and the details and rooms look GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for allowing me to show it off.

What do you guys think? Love her, don’t you? What are you waiting for? Click her header picture at the beginning of this post and see more!

The giveaway is coming together! There are some really talented and awesome vendors joining in! I can’t wait to show off their shops and celebrate the milestones with you!

I’m still trying to catch up on visiting a few of you…thanks for your patience. As you can imagine, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks (if you were here early – you might have caught my blooper! Sorry Stef!). Have a great day!

I'm Telling! A Home Improvement Show & Tell Recap.

I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the projects from the Show & Tell Surprise Party earlier this week. Here are the DIY home improvement projects that I thought were creative, beautiful and fun. If you’re featured, Make sure you grab an “I’m featured” button from the right side bar. Thank you to EVERYONE participating. I’m amazed and grateful for your participation without warning. 🙂 In real life…I’d need hours to “get ready”. Those of you with the amazing kitchen makeovers – you’re killing me! I’m so jealous! Click on the links to visit for more pictures of each project!

Red Writing
(Dining Room Hidden Storage)

I Love My 5 Kids
(Kitchen Re-do)

Polka Dot Thought
(Kitchen Makeover)
Before: KitchenAfter: KitchenForever Daisies
(Scrapbook Room)


Moore Minutes
(Dining Room Makeover)

Thrifty Living
(Office Makeover)


Proud Feet
(Built In Bookcase)

The Proud Feet
(Kitchen Makeover)
Mother of 3 Fellows
(Craft Room)

My Creative Attempts
(Entry Room Makeover)

Something To Do
(Kitchen Makeover)
The Craft Monkey
(Laundry Room Makeover)


(Playroom Makeover)

Craig, Blair & Turbo
(Kitchen Makeover)
Home to Three Duncan Boys
(Closet Office)
The Meckleys
(Laundry Room Makeover)


Modern Country
(Master Suite)

Fingerprints on the Fridge
(Kitchen Remodel)

Making It Mine

(Kitchen Makeover)


I bow down to these DIY queens! Each of your home improvement projects are awesome!
So many beautiful spaces. I wish I was a traveling blogger…
I’d pop by to see your projects in person.
Thank you SO much for sharing your makeover stories!
I’m inspired!
(See all of the amazing Show & Tell submissions! Check them out here if you missed them!)

What are you up to this weekend?

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Back of the House gets a BIG Transformation!

Submitted by Roeshel from Evangeline’s Vine (that’s me! lol)

Finally! I can share the transformation of the back of our home! Here is our progress in pictures… Our home when we bought it. Hard to see from the distance, there were two single doors with awnings. Ugly. But I could see potential which is a good thing most of the time, except that “potential” doesn’t happen over night! Right away, we installed two sets of French doors. I love them! It changes the entire look of the back of our house. However, the old sidewalks didn’t line up and we lived with it for 2 years. And take a look at the old light fixtures. Yuck! So…this spring, we decided to put in a concrete patio. However – the concrete part wasn’t DIY. It was way too big of an area and required professionals.
See that progress here.
We got some new furniture (the table/chairs go under the grape arbor when it’s completed). Mr. DIY changed out the lights for me to give it an updated fresh look.

Edited to add: Here’s the link to my DIY candle jars! 🙂
We also hung window boxes to help disguise the upstairs windows which need replaced (another project for another time) and pull the main level and upper level together.

Again – before:

You can’t see the window boxes well in the pictures…but here is what they looked like before they were hung:

Okay – I’m getting a little camera-happy…but I just can’t believe the change in the back of our home. This is where everyone enters our house, so no more being embarrassed or giving “please watch your step” reminders!

All that’s left to do is fix the siding below were the old concrete ramp/sidewalk met the old single doors and plant grass!

What do you think? We are SO happy it’s just about done. It’s going to be a great area for entertaining! Being The DIY Show Off Feature is so much fun – it feels so good to show the world our hard work, doesn’t it?

(Still working on the covered/barn patio and grape arbor – almost done! Then we can ENJOY summer, right?)