Lighted PVC Candy Canes DIY Christmas Home Decor

These PVC lighted candy canes are a fun Christmas home decor idea and pretty way to greet guests at the front door. Welcome, friends! 

Lighted PVC Candy Canes Tutorial DIYShowOff

{a big thanks to mom for letting me decorate her front door}

{Christmas wreath and snowman welcome mat also found at Lowe’s}

Materials for a set of two:

  • Two 2″or 3″ (that’s how they’re specifically labeled) PVC drain with 5 SS strain
  • Two 2″ PVC P-trap with union 
  • Two 2″ x 2″ PVC solid pipe in 2 ft section (stock)
  • Two 2″ x 22.5D street elbow
  • sanding block/sand paper
  • FrogTape®
  • Valspar Primer for Plastic
  • Valspar Outdoor White spray paint
  • Valspar Red spray paint
  • Two strings of 35 white Christmas lights
  • Rocks/gravel for weighting the bottom
  • Two bows 

Tutorial: Attach pieces to create a candy cane shape in this order: drain on bottom, 2 ft. PVC pipe, P-trap, elbow.  sanding PVC pipe - lighted candy cane tutorial

Lightly sand and wipe clean each piece of PVC. sanding PVC pipe - lighted candy cane tutorial Spray each assembled PVC candy cane with primer and let dry.  candy cane tutorial - priming PVC Give each candy cane two coats of white spray paint. Allow to dry between each coat.  candy cane tutorial - spraying painting PVC Remove the bottom pieces (the drain/stand). Wrap FrogTape around each candy cane to create a twisted/striped pattern. It gets tricky around the bends but just do your best. Mine are imperfect but it doesn’t take away from the final result. Imperfection adds character, right?  Using your thumbnail or a credit/gift card, burnish the edge of the tape. Rub the edges to ensure paint doesn’t seep under.  Give the candy canes two coats of red spray paint. PVC candy cane tutorial - spray painting Carefully remove the FrogTape before the second coat of spray paint dries.  FrogTape lighted PVC candy canes Allow spray paint to fully dry.  Drill holes where desired along the candy cane. I drilled mine randomly in the white sections. Remove the plastic/PVC shavings. (Note: Great gift idea for a DIY lover! The Rockwell Jawhorse is awesome for DIY projects…it held my PVC in place perfectly while I drilled!) lighted PVC candy cane tutorial - drilling PVC Remove the bottom drain/stand.  Keep the plug on the outside and push the entire string of lights through a hole that’s been drilled near the bottom of the candy canes right above the drain area. Work the lights up through the candy cane. I used a thin yardstick to help. Lighted PVC Candy Cane Tutorial at Fill the bottom drain/stand with a handful of rocks for weight and reattach to the candy cane. PVC candy cane tutorial Attach bows, plug in and admire your work!  DIYShowOff PVC candy canes Lighted PVC Candy Canes tutorial So festive and welcoming! They’d look pretty indoors with a red and white theme too… christmas How to Make Lighted PVC Candy Canes

Looking for more inspiration? Visit the DIYShowOff tutorial page for links to more holiday DIY.

birds and berries Christmas tree #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff Dream Tree Challenge

Pop over to see my Succulents & Spruce themed Christmas tree!

Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challenge

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Getting Holiday Ready & Giveaway

How the heck do you get ready for the holidays when your home is under DIY construction and chaos? Well, I’m not sure but I can tell you how it’s going for me. When I have a lot going on, I’m a list maker. Seeing what needs done and checking things off helps keep me on track.  Otherwise, you know something’s going to get forgotten. This year, with being a part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, Lowe’s has played a large part in halting my holiday home procrastination.

mercury glass centerpiece

Here is how my list goes:

  1. First priority is to finish up existing projects like bigger tasks so that I can breathe, relax and enjoy the rest of the year. So, I’m pushing to get some projects like our window installation, open pantry makeover and laundry room makeover complete. You may not see those makeovers until January, but my deadline for finishing them is a real life holiday home tour on 12/7.
  2. Cleaning and de-cluttering. In order to prep for digging out all of those bins filled with holiday decorating goodness, I need to start with a clean slate. That means piling up existing decorative accents (to be stored in the empty Christmas bins) and dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing. 
  3. Re-arranging the furniture. I decorate three trees for Christmas so moving furniture around to make room is one of my favorite parts of decorating. I love a fresh new perspective from the usual arranged room, don’t you? 
  4. This one I usually start the weekend after Thanksgiving: Hauling out the Christmas decor bins and decorating! Pump up the volume on those Christmas tunes and deck the halls! 
  5. Sending out Christmas cards to family and friends.  DIY Christmas Card Tree Display
  6. Holiday shopping. I’ve started a little shopping the past month or two but this is the time I take to get it done. I love giving gifts! Do you wrap as you go or pile it all up or wrap all gifts at once?  I love to be organized about it and wrap it all at once. Blasting the Christmas music in the background, singing along, ribbons and bows and paper and scissors and tape all within reach. It’s a huge wrap-fest! A party for one. 
  7. Holiday baking. I don’t do much baking but hoping to change that a little this year. I’d love to have a variety of cookies to go with my hot cocoa.  chevron wooden table runner {chevron wooden table runner tutorial}

Call me crazy but I’m {unrealistically?} optimistic! Check back with me next weekend and I may be in a panic. Because #1 on my list is a doozy. But if I don’t have everything crossed off my list this week, I do have next week before Thanksgiving and the weekend after to fall back on. Having a deadline puts the pressure on to get things wrapped up…and I’m not even talking about the presents yet! rustic vintage glam christmas centerpiece

A few weeks’ back when I first started thinking about getting my home ready for the holidays by following the Lowe’s Holiday Showcase, I had the opportunity to play around with some decorating. Just enough to get me excited to get the projects done in order to get to the reward: rustic Christmas mantel

…really decorating for Christmas. rustic metallic vignette

Christmas vignette

That was a couple of weeks ago. Remember when I said I’m working on completing some bigger projects and a house under DIY construction? This is my dining room table now…{keeping it real!} dining room mess

Yikes! Not for long. According to my list, I’ll be clearing that table off today! Hurray! rustic glitter Christmas decor

I hosted a small get together with family and friends and we discussed holiday decorating and plans


Putting together a list this time of year really helps keep me on track as well as ensures I don’t forget something with so much going on.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winner is JD who commented: Paint! I’ve had paint chips up in the bedroom and bathroom for months now, and we have a nursery to do now too! Congratulations, JD! You’ll be notified by email!

$50 Lowe’s GIVEAWAY

How do you get your home holiday ready? How about a $50 Lowe’s giveaway to finish up some home improvement or to start shopping for the holidays? 

To be entered to win, simply leave a comment below telling me how you’d spend $50 at Lowe’s right now. I appreciate your shares! Leave a comment telling me how you shared as well for another chance to win. 

*Giveaway runs now through Wed., 11/27/13 at midnight EST. Winner will be chosen randomly from the comments and announced shortly after. Giveaway is open to US residents 18+ only. 

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LCI winter

*Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network. I was compensated for hosting a Holiday Ready Home party and supplied with a gift card for some Lowe’s holiday decor (shown above). All opinions are my own. 

DIY luggage rack and sprucing up the Guest Room

Lowe’s Creative Ideas challenge for November is sprucing up the guest room. So, it’s all ready for your visit! Pack a suitcase because I whipped up a pretty DIY luggage rack:

diy luggage rack  

Materials I used:

  • Three poplar 1in x 2in x 6 ft (they really measure 3/4 x 1-1/2 inch)
  • One 3/4 x 36 inch square dowel
  • 24″ by 16″ fabric
  • Twelve 1-1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • Two 3-1/2 inch machine screws with washers/nuts
  • Valspar Spray Paint + Primer 

Tools I used:

  • Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
  • Saw
  • Sanding block
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Stapler

I cut the poplar and dowel as follows:

  • Two 25″ long pieces of poplar (tops)
  • Four 20″ long pieces of poplar (legs)
  • One 19″ dowel  (cross beam)
  • One 16″ dowel (cross beam)

Next, I painted my wood pieces. (You may want to wait until you have frames assembled. I had to do paint touch ups after assembly because of pocket holes.)

Using my Kreg Jig I  drilled pocket holes into each of the four legs on the 2″ end (2 holes each) and each end of both dowel rods. 

DIY luggage rack tutorial

Drill a hole into the each leg piece in the center on the short side (10″ down).

DIY luggage rack tutorial

Outside frame: Attach one 20″ leg to the 25″ top using two screws as shown measuring in 1 1/2 inch. Repeat with the other side.

DIY luggage rack tutorial

Then the dowel as shown.

DIY luggage rack tutorial

* My pocket holes are facing out. They’re more noticeable if they’re on the inside when the luggage rack is unfolded. 

Repeat the above steps for the inside frame piece EXCEPT attach legs 3 inches in on the 25″ top piece (or lay out on top of inside frame and make sure one set of frame legs fits inside the other for folding).

*This is where I’d paint the frames instead of beforehand like I did. 

Now, cross (sort of tuck) the smaller frame into the larger frame above the dowel. You may need to loosen the larger frame’s dowel a little to get it to fit properly. 

Insert the 3 1/2 inch machine screw into the pre-drilled hole through both frame legs on each side. Secure with a nut on the inside. 

DIY luggage rack

Cut fabric rectangle measuring 24 x 16 inches. Fold, iron and hem all borders. (My seam allowance is 1 inch on the short ends, 1/2 inch on the long ends.)

DIY luggage rack

Staple short ends to under side of top frame pieces (between legs). 

how to make a luggage rack

All done!

Open and guest ready:

diy luggage rack


foldable luggage rack tutorial

Folded and easily stored:

diy foldable luggage rack

More ideas to be guest room ready:


  • a variety of magazines to the night stand
  • freshly laundered sheets and towels
  • a comfy throw blanket
  • tissues
  • fresh flowers
  • alarm clock
  • easy access to outlet for chargers
  • extra toiletries

See more fun DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app! I’m SUPER EXCITED that THIS PROJECT will be featured in the Lowe’s Creative Ideas digital magazine! Be sure to get the app and check it out! 


*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project challenge, however the tutorial images, instructions and opinions are my own. 

Holiday Ready Home

It’s too early to start decorating but it’s not too early to think about getting our homes ready for the holidays by finishing up projects, painting, organizing and cleaning and prepping the outdoors for winter so that when the time does come for holiday decorating, it’ll be much more stress-free.

Last week Lowe’s hosted a Holiday Ready Home Showcase. Surrounded by family and friends, we “tagged along” (via live stream in my living room tv) hosted by the Kitchen Cousins (John & Anthony)  sharing home design bloggers’ room makeovers for some great tips on having a holiday ready home. Talk about inspiration for getting into the holiday spirit! So.many.ideas!


Here is how I get my home ready for the holidays:

1. Project completion. We seem to be in a constant state of construction so my first step is to finish up the projects that I’m working on. For me that means finishing up the DIY details in a room, sweeping up the sawdust, then putting away the materials and tools. So I’ll be finishing up a laundry room makeover, family room “polishing” and hopefully fitting in that pantry makeover I’ve been meaning to get to before getting serious about my holiday decorating. I better get busy!

2. Clean and declutter. I can’t get started with holiday decorating unless I have a clean slate. This means cleaning the rooms I decorate then decluttering by removing all-year-around decorative accents to make room for Christmas accents. 

3. Re-arrange furniture. Sometimes that means simply changing the orientation of our dining room table. Just that small thing gives the room a fresh look. I also re-arrange the living room and family room furniture to make space for the Christmas trees. It’s always a challenge and I try different spots but always go back to the same usual Christmas tree location.

4. Outdoors. Winter is sneaking up on us. Time to winterize the patio by putting away decorative accents, patio furniture and cushions. I also watch the weather for a warmer day to get holiday lighting up and installed so that when it is cold, wintery, snowy December, all I have to do is plug in the lights and hang the wreaths. 

5. Decorate. After digging out the boxes marked “Christmas” from the basement (it’s like hunting for buried treasure except not as fun. ha!), I like to organize my seasonal decor by room and laying out what I have before decorating, especially since I may have items I purchased on clearance after the holidays the previous year. It gives me an idea if there’s anything I need to add to my holiday decorating stash too. Tips for decorating a Christmas tree

6. Scents. Since we use artificial trees, a subtle pine scented candle is a must buy every year. 

I may have been humming a little “Winter Wonderland” while decorating the dining room early for my holiday ready home viewing party using some beautiful holiday accents from the Allen + Roth collection at Lowe’s – beautiful LED mercury glass trees, ornaments, white script leaf garland with silver glitter bling and gold feathers accents.

mixed metallics Christmas

More great tips for a holiday ready home:

  • Holiday lighting is an affordable way to add a big statement to holiday decorate.  Holiday lighting and candles add a special touch – that glow! so warm and welcoming! – especially with darkness arriving earlier these days. Don’t forget the outdoors…luminaries are an easy budget-friendly way to lighten the path to the front door.
  • Need something fresh and new? Paint makes a big statement! It’s by far the easiest and quickest way to brighten up a room. 
  • Accessorize a neutral room with color in holiday decorating. Add accent pillows and throws for extra color, warmth and comfort.
  • Mixed metallics are a great way to add some sparkle and shine!
  • Mix old and new and look for fun non-traditional ways to use existing things, thinking outside of the box.
  • Try bringing in living/natural elements (succulents, sticks, twigs, birch branches/logs). 
  • Don’t forget to incorporate family traditions or start a new one!

Looking for some fun holiday DIY projects? Check out these Lowe’s Creative Ideas. One of these inspired a DIY Show Off project I’ll be sharing sometime next month.

o    Kitchen: or

o    Living Room:

o    Outdoor/Curb Appeal: or or

o    Bath/Guest Bath:

o    Entryway:

o    Guest Room:

o    Dining Room:

See more fun DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app!


*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project challenge, however the tutorial images, instructions and opinions are my own. 

DIY chicken wire cheesecloth Halloween ghost tutorial

October? Already?! Let’s start off the month with a Halloween DIY. As a part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, I received a gift card to purchase the materials for a Halloween decor challenge. I made a cheesecloth ghost and what a challenge it was! Because of the large life-size, I ran into some obstacles and almost threw in the towel, accepting defeat and attempted to think of another project. The joys of DIY: sometimes a big fat fail. 

BUT I switched direction and saved the project! Below I share what I did, recommendations for what I’d do different and how I rescued the project making it a success. If this is something you’d like to tackle, read through my tutorial to decide the best way to go about making your ghost. DIY Halloween Ghost

Materials for a chicken wire cheesecloth ghost:


  • wire cutters
  • drill will very small drill bit


Open the cheesecloth packages. Unravel and unfold cheesecloth. how to make a cheesecloth ghost

Spray the top of the skull with spray adhesive. Wait a few seconds/fan with your hand a few times. Attach one strip of the center of the cheesecloth to create a “hood” around the skull. Let dry.

Using wire cutters, cut the chicken wire to create a torso and arms. I attached the arms using the cut side pieces of my strip of chicken wire along with extra wire. ghost tutorial

When skull/cheesecloth glue is dry, using a drill bit smaller than the cup hook screw, drill a small hole into the top of the skull, towards the back. Too far towards the front of the skull will have it looking up, more towards the back, the skull will look down when hanging. Screw in the cup hook. (Add a dab of Gorilla Glue if needed and then screw in the cup hook.)  scary DIY Halloween ghost

Place the skull onto the chicken wire torso. I used small cut pieces of wire through the cheesecloth hood at the base of the skull like a twist-tie , securing/twisting inside of the chicken wire torso frame to secure the skull into place. Drape more cheesecloth over the arms and torso, covering the chicken wire. Use more wire twist-ties where needed to keep cheesecloth in place. Halloween ghost DIY

Hang using fishing line and an s-hook. Bend arms and torso if needed after hanging. cheesecloth chicken wire ghost

Things I attempted, failed and learned. Optional:

  • You can search Google for starch ghost recipes for success in making smaller ghosts. I used 1 1/2 containers of cornstarch and 6 cups of water which did not hold my extra large ghost’s shape when dry. I think less water and making more of a wet paste would have maybe had better results. However, I still would NOT use the starch method if you plan to hang your ghost outdoors. Water (rain/dew/frost) will deactivate the starch and your ghost will lose it’s shape. That’s why the chicken wire frame is a better option. There’s less room for failure.  

    cheesecloth ghost

    Mistake: starch is too watery and not a good option for an outdoor ghost.

  • Also, I used garden stakes and wire to create a frame for forming/drying the starched cheesecloth. A super heavy gage wire is necessary. Even coat hangers weren’t really strong enough for starch soaked cheesecloth, causing the arms to droop, which is why you’ll notice I had to use more stakes. This still didn’t work for me. My ghost did not hold it’s shape, although my cheesecloth is a little stiffer.

    cheesecloth ghost tutorial

    Even with a frame/mould for the starched cheesecloth, the large size ghost is too heavy to stand hold it’s shape when dry.

  • Rustoleum’s Glow in the Dark spray paint (sold in the Halloween/seasonal dept. at Lowe’s) does show up on mesh/cheesecloth! However, it’s difficult to tell where it’s been sprayed and needs a generous coat. The weather forecast is calling for rain so I’ve brought everything back inside but I will be updating with a better photo once I give it a more thorough spraying. Rustoleum Glow in the Dark spray paint

DIY friends, meet phantom of DIYShowOff… DIY ghost tutorial

Despite the trial and error, the final result…spooky, right? He’s transparent, blows in the breeze and real-enough-looking. Creepy!  scary DIY Halloween decor

Looks to me like he’s inviting you to have a snack. Service with a smile. scary DIY Halloween decor

 ::evil laugh:: DIY cheesecloth chicken wire ghost

 He is smiling. He just wants a hug, I think. YOU GO FIRST! spooky ghost tutorial

It’s almost too scary for me. Scary Halloween … not my thing. My reaction is to cry. Real tears. And did you ever see a fainting goat? Hilarious! {search youtube videos} That’s so me. Frozen with fear.

How about you? Do you love scary?

And yep! That’s a sneak peek of the finished grape arbor/gazebo with recycled brick patio/path you see – all complete! More on that coming up.

Sharing at Centsational Girl.

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*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project challenge, however the tutorial images, instructions and opinions are my own. 

Love that cake plate too? For those of you who’ve asked, you can buy it here:

Charlotte Footed Cake Plate With Dome {affiliate link}

DIY: Removable Decorative Window Frame


As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas network, I’m participating in the September “window treatment” challenge. I was provided with a Lowe’s gift card to complete my project…addressing this bathroom window:

DIY Removable Decorative Window Frame Tutorial

Our main floor bathroom has a window that sits high up (no one can see in and the view out is of the treetops). The window is not framed. I’ve tried a curtain on this window, but with it sitting so high above the toilet tank, it just doesn’t look right.

bathroom window

This project would be great for window privacy too!

Materials I used:

  • 1×3 pine boards to create a frame
  • Flat corner brackets
  • Gorilla Wood Glue
  • Wood filler
  • White paint (leftover Valspar Signature in satin finish)
  • Picture frame hanging hardware
  • Screen (36″ wide)
  • FrogTape
  • Staples
  • Stencil
  • Craft paint
  • White vinyl table cloth
  • Vinyl decals

Removable decorative window frame: 

I started with creating a frame for my window using the 1×3 boards, corner brackets, Gorilla Glue, wood filler and paint. It’s best to miter the joints, add glue to the joints and brackets (be sure that screws are not longer than depth of frame). Fill joint lines with wood filler and lightly sand once dry. Prime/paint frame.

DIY removable wood window frame

Cut screen to fit inside the wooden frame with enough room to fold under borders and to staple to the back side of the frame.

  Removable window frame DIY

Stencil a design on the screen and let dry. I used Cutting Edge Stencil’s Allium Gladiator Flower Stencil (it sort of looks like dandelions and butterflies). FrogTape was essential in working with the screen by holding it flat and in place. Once paint is dry, staple screen to back of frame. 

removable decorative DIY window frame tutorial

You may think to stop here but when I hung the frame (in the daylight), the stenciled design wasn’t visible. It simply looked as if I only framed the window.

So I cut a piece of white vinyl table cloth to size (a bit bigger than the inner space of my frame with an extra inch around the borders to staple it into place) then I added vinyl decals to the white tablecloth. (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a bike and quote.) You could also try a light colored/patterned fabric or paint your own design on canvas…just remember that your stenciled screen will show when it’s dark outside.

removable decorative DIY window frame tutorial

I stapled the white tablecloth into place. 

Simply hang on nails using the sawtooth picture hangers. Easily removable – as simple as taking a picture off the wall.


bathroom window

During the day, the bike and quote show up…

bathroom window covering

and at night, the stenciled screen shows up as well…

DIY window frame

It’s easily removable for when I want to open/access the window and lets in a lot of light during the day. Yay! Love the result…window dressing, window frame and art. What do you think?

See more fun DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app!

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*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project for a mini outdoor makeover challenge, however the tutorial images, instructions and opinions are my own.