2016 DIYShowOff recap

DIYShowOff 2016 Review

Looking back at 2106, it was a year with more crafts than home improvement which means that we’re going to get crazy with home projects in 2017. We work as time and money allow and it seems to work out that way; a more productive year every other year. So gearing up for a super productive 2017 and looking back at a more relaxed 2016. Here is a quick 2016 recap:

2016 DIYShowOff recap


Organizing a Craft Closet

DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff


Magnetic Display Board

magnetic art display #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

MARCH 2016

spring succulents arrangement

Freshen up your home with spring decor! DIY tutorial for spring succulents arrangement! #michaelsmaker

LOVE canvas wall art

cute chippy rustic DIY LOVE letter wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

spring party-scape

spring party inspiration #michaelsmakers #madewithmichaels @diyshowoff @michaelsstores

APRIL 2016

handprint keepsake gift

Awe! A cute DIY keepsake handprint Mother's Day gift (LED 'love' wood plaque) tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

MAY 2016

floral arranging tips

spring floral arrangement @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers (DIY floral arranging tips)

JUNE 2016

backyard wedding ideas

wedding gazebo @diyshowoff

faux beam

Before and after home improvement project - ceiling with a gorgeous faux beam @diyshowoff


fall decor

fall decor @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers #spons


The Raven inspired Halloween party ideas

The Raven Nevermore Halloween Party Ideas @diyshowoff #MakeItWithMichaels


magic mistletoe

Love this Christmas mistletoe greenhouse centerpiece @diyshowoff! #makeitwithmichaels

Christmas tree farm inspired decor

Christmas tree farm inspired decorating #athome @diyshowoff #christmas

home office in progress – watch for the reveal early 2017

home office makeover before and in progress @diyshowoff

2016 Essential Oil Related Blog Posts:

lavender ylang ylang sugar scrub

DIY skin nourishing lavender & ylang ylang essential oil infused sugar scrub for maintaining healthy skin @diyshowoff

peppermint chocolate sauce/hot cocoa gift set

CUTE! Chocolate Peppermint Awesome Sauce - "You Melt My Heart" Valentine gift idea using Young Living Peppermint Vitality essential oil @diyshowoff

homemade hug roll-on

Need a hug? Make it essential oil-infused with this DIY homemade hug roll on recipe @diyshowoff. #feelbetter

essential oils make & take graphics and tips

How fun! Get free graphics, tips and ideas for hosting an essential oils party with a chocolate & massage theme @diyshowoff

DIY hand purifier recipe

DIY essential oil infused hand purifier spray recipe @diyshowoff

essential oil infused hand-dipped marshmallows

So cute! Halloween (essential oil infused optional) marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #makeitwithmichaels

holiday hostess guide

holiday hostess guide @diyshowoff

essential oil infused honey

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

essential oil + epsom salt ornaments

DIY essential oil infused bath salt ornament @diyshowoff

2017 will see us back on track to transforming this old fixer upper into our dream home. On the to do list:

  • finishing up the home office – coming January 2017
  • a family room turned playroom
  • guest room refresh (bye bye baby crib!)
  • basement makeover (man cave)
  • livingroom refresh (old furniture to the man cave, helloooooo new living room furniture!)
  • upstairs bedroom makeovers – lots of donating, lots of paint! 
  • bathrooms? I HOPE SO! We have 2 in need of makeovers and updating but since they function, last priority. Darn!
  • craft room spring cleaning – it’s currently a junk room. Time to clean out and re-organize!

What’s your must-do DIY for 2017?

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