French Cottage Bedroom Makeover

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Hi, my name is Lee and I’m fromAuckland, New Zealand, the country with 4 million people and 40 million sheep :)…I’m  aprofessional artist and adore interior design, crafts, cooking, fashion and I’m addicted to Houseand Garden magazines so much so that I have copies that go back to early 1970’s. I stumbledupon Roeshel’s gorgeous blog a few weeks ago and I’m so excited and honoured to feature asRoeshel’s guest post today.
Twenty months ago I returned to NewZealand from 14 years living abroad in Brunei, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. I bought a small littlecottage in a seaside suburb of Auckland called “Mission Bay”.  Its a wonderful location butyou pay a lot of money for property around this location and all I could afford was a boxy littlebrick house on a very tiny section. However, I knew that I could make this house really desirableand I am gradually working through it one room at a time adding character and making it feellike a home. Today I’m sharing the makeover of what was a very boring small master bedroom. My bedroom does have a little en suite and walk in wardrobe which is a great bonus,however I needed to do something to make my bedroom feel special.   

My favourite places on earth are Italyand France, with this in mind and the idea that I love anything French I decided to buy someold French shutters (yes from France!) and use them as a headboard. The shutters are duck eggblue which is my favourite colour for the moment.  Wallace Cotton a lovely homeware shop in Auckland, providedthe bedlinen for me to take some pretty shots of the bedroom once it was completed.  Iam sharing all my photos with you today including a before and after shot of the bedroom.The “before” shot was the previous owners’ look prior to me purchasing the property.

My design board
 My gorgeous pair of distressed French Shutters.
I added a sconce between the shuttersas I felt the gap was a little wide. However, I needed this space to balance the shutters againstthe width of the bed. 
 Paradiso quilt from Wallace Cotton
 Simple steel bedside tables that were originally bought for the living areabut didn’t look quite right. I think they are perfect in the bedroom.
I love the seersucker pillow for added texture
 My mother gave me this lovely Royal Albert cup and saucer I adore thecolour as I am mad about “duck egg blue”
 I used a lovely linen for the Roman blinds in a neutral beige and whitecheck
I hope I have brought some inspirationto you, a simple addition such as the old shutters can make a plain bedroom into a fantasyescape to France!  
Have a great weekend
Lee oxo
Poppy (my little Schnoodle)

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