Painted Porch Floor – It All Started With Paint

Happy weekend, DIY Show Off readers! Don’t you just love Saturdays? I can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing tomorrow at the DIY Project Parade! 

I‘d like to introduce you to a blog called IASWP…isn’t that a catchy blog title, especially when you realize the power of paint?  Love it!  Linda is a do-it-yourself’er updating her home on a budget of $500 or less per room (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!).  She just finished the porch. You know my love of painted floors, right? (I hope you said yes – proof here and here). Well, Linda just painted her porch floor and it’s a beauty!  Ready to see it?
Painted Porch Rug for Blog 2 (600x450) (2)

See her full post for all of the details at Painted Porch Rug.

Paint Porch Rug for Blog Closeup Border (600x450) (2)

Paint Porch Rug for Blog Long Shot (600x450) (2)

Linda says you can’t see it from the side walk, but it’s ‘like a secret surprise waiting for guests’. And what a pleasant one!
Painted Porch Rug for Blog 3 (600x450) (2)
Painted Porch for Blog (600x450)
Painted Porch for Blog 2 (600x450) (2)
Painted Porch Rug for Blog 4 (600x450) (2)
Painted Porch Rug for Blog longer (600x450) (2)
I love it! The best part – no mold from being wet. Easy to clean. And so pretty.  Great job, Linda! 

You can see DIY from Linda at 
it all started with paint
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blog.benchcloseup (2) (600x450) entrylight
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Have a great weekend!

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