DIY Spindle Sign Holder

Here is the story of how Sarah from Sidetracked Sarah turned this old spindle…

Into this beautiful handmade wedding present:

She started by sanding the spindle down really well, getting the old stain off.

Next, cut wood for the tops and bottoms. All ready to paint.  After that, she primed and painted each board and spindle.  Once the paint was dried, she screwed the bottom board and top board into place.  

After she screwed the bottom piece and top piece into place, she used wood glued on the top board then screwed the hook into place. 
So pretty!

She also made a “Welcome” sign by printing out the size and font she wanted onto card stock and cut out a template.  She spray painted the board black and after it had dried, attached her homemade stencil and began spraying it with white. 
Her husband drilled two holes into the corners of the sign and put baling wire through the holes so it  can hang from the hook.  You could easily change out the sign for something more season specific. 

See more creativity and DIY from Sarah at …
Sidetracked Sarah

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